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Welcome to Beloved Cheesecakes Wholesale

Do you own or manage a restaurant, winery, golf course, hotel, etc. Being an upscale company you need to have an upscale dessert. Sell our cheesecake at your establishment. Scroll down for FAQ’s, Contact Us, and more. 

From serving a restaurant across the street at our Albany, Oregon storefront, to serving The Meltdown Grilled Cheese and Tap Room all the way in Barre, Vermont. We are carried in over a dozen different restaurants, wineries, golf clubs, etc. And we want to add your establishment to our list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can we make on selling Beloved Cheesecakes?

The answer is up to you! We sell our products at wholesale prices to restaurants, wineries, golf clubs, hotels, etc. Consult our general info/pricing sheet and we will offer information on our current retail prices, you decide your selling price to customers from this information. Remember to decide to sell at what is best for you and your customers.

How much time do we need to get your cheesecakes ready?

The exact time frame is up to your discretion!

Pick-up in Albany: We need your order at least one day in advance. 

Local delivery: We deliver every Wednesday and we need your order no later than the Tuesday prior. 

For shipping: We ship every Tuesday and we need your order by the previous Thursday.

How do we receive our cheesecakes?

We offer three ways to get your order:

Pick-up in Albany: After the order has been placed we will have your order ready to pick-up at our shop (124 Broadalbin St SW Albany, OR) during regular business hours, with the date being at your discretion.

Local Delivery: We offer $20 delivery to restaurants every Wednesday within a 50 mile radius, with restaurants over a 30 mile radius we do require a minimum order of at least $160.

Shipping: We offer shipping nationwide every Tuesday with 1-2 day delivery. Shipping price varies depending on how much cheesecake / where the location of the establishment is. 

Do you provide advertisements?

Yes! We absolutely can print and provide high quality, glossy flyers that feature product images and descriptions. We also would love to promote your establishment on our social media! If you would rather us not promote you please let us know.

How do the cheesecakes come?

Our cheesecakes will be fully decorated(certain flavors require different toppings that will be put on the side for you) and cut to the size you desire. The cheesecakes can be stored in the fridge for up to seven days, or in the freezer for up to three months.

Does Beloved offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for our cheesecakes, but if you are unhappy with your order please contact us by phone or email and we will work with you to make it right. We love our customers!

Do you offer gluten free, sugar free, or vegan options?

We are proud to offer dietary friendly cheesecake; our cheesecake bites are all gluten free, we also offer sugar free and vegan cheesecake bites as well. We also offer Whole, Mini, and slices in all dietary options listed above.

Why should we use Beloved Cheesecakes at our establishment?

At Beloved Cheesecakes we pride ourselves on the highest quality, scratch made cheesecake using real, fresh ingredients. All four years that we have been in business we have won Best Dessert of the Willamette Valley, and we have over 1.3k online reviews with a 4.9 star rating, proving that our customers have nothing but positive things to say about our cheesecake!

How do we pay Beloved Cheesecakes for our order?

We will accept cash, check, or card payment as long as it is the full amount due paid in one payment. Orders will not be released until payment has been received in full. You can pay over the phone with us or stop by in person.

If you still have unanswered questions please give us a call at (541) 220 0823 or send an email to and we will be happy to help! We look forward to working with you!