Who Does Beloved Cheesecakes Give Back To?

We donate and sponsor to countless communities, churches, schools, Non-profit organizations, political fundraisers, camps and so forth. ****Our cheesecakes have been won at auctions from $600 to $850 to $906****

  • Restoring Oregon Now
  • Freedom Business Fellowship
  • Silverton High School Wrestling
  • Silverton Unified Basketball
  • Community Roots Charter School
  • Butte Creek Elementary
  • SACA (Silverton Area Community Aid)
  • Prom Dress Drive
  • Country Christian School
  • The River Church
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Pratum Elementary School
  • Living Waters of Hope
  • Because People Matter
  • Turner Elementary
  • Scotts Mills Elementary
  • Silverton Senior Center
  • St. Regis Catholic School
  • Share The Love Molalla

When Did Beloved Cheesecakes Begin To Give Back?

Beloved Cheesecakes believes you can’t out give the Giver. Jen was giving of her gourmet cheesecakes far before she even decided to start Beloved Cheesecakes. Jen loves people, loves to give, and giving warms her heart. The whole idea behind her gourmet cheesecakes was for gifts, “just because”, and gratitude.

Jen was invited to tell her story at the Silverton Area Community Aid, SACA, (7/2019) in which she donated one of her gourmet cheesecakes. The attendees were in awe of her cheesecake, generosity, and story. The cheesecake went to the highest bidder for $850, which went to SACA. A gentleman was so touched and inspired by Jen, he gave an additional $1000 to SACA.

Jen often donates cheesecakes to school fundraisers. There is a charter school who auctioned off her Salted Caramel cheesecake, and it brought in $902 (11/2019). Another school heard about it and asked Jen to donate for their auction, which she did without hesitation. Their school was able to beat the $902 and they auctioned the Salted Caramel cheesecake for $904 (2/2020).

Restore Oregon Now held a fundraiser for GOP candidates in Oregon (4/2022). Jen brought her signature Salted Caramel cheesecake for the auction. This time the cheesecake went for $906, which brought cheers and appreciation for the popular donation.


Where Can I Help?

Come in and purchase a Salted Caramel or any other cheesecake to auction at your local fundraisers. Our cheesecakes are undoubtedly beautiful and delicious. Our cheesecakes have a proven record at fundraisers to bring in funds, and putting smiles on faces.

Jen went to school to be a social worker, however God had another plan, Beloved Cheesecakes. Jen has a passion for people with barriers. She loves giving people with special needs and trauma survivors opportunities with jobs at Beloved Cheesecakes.

Supporting small businesses is essential for communities big and small. Often small businesses provide a personalized product, made with care that is used when you make something for yourself. Buying from small businesses supports families, jobs for local economies, and everybody wins.


Beloved Cheesecakes mission is to provide cheesecake therapy, because “everyone deserves to be loved.”



How Can I Order A Cheesecake To Help?

There are many ways you can order a cheesecake from Beloved Cheesecakes. First, we are a phone call away, and one of our amazing Cheesecake Professionals will be happy to walk you through your order, giving you tips and recommendations. Please leave a detailed message if we are busy, a Cheesecake Professional will get back to you as soon as possible.

Beloved Cheesecakes has a shop button at the top of this page, with pictures, countless choices and descriptions of all our Cheesecakes. Just fill out the form with name, mailing address, email, and any other particulars you want our Cheesecake Professionals to know. We look forward to helping you with your Beloved Cheesecakes experience.

Another great way to order or reach us is to email Beloved Cheesecakes at: One of our Cheesecake Professionals will be happy to answer any questions or concerns with ordering a Cheesecake.

We believe you can’t out give the Giver. We donate and sponsor countless communities, churches, schools, non-profit organizations, political fundraisers, camps and so forth. ****Our cheesecakes have been won at auctions from $600 to $850 to $906****