Beloved Cheesecakes Exclusive Cheesecake Clubs

The “Cheesecake Club” membership by Beloved Cheesecakes offers a chance to delight your tastebuds, broaden your understanding of various cheesecake types, and enjoy exclusive perks from America’s renowned cheesecake brand. Select from five clubs tailored to different cheesecake tastes, dietary needs, and frequency.
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Club Selection

-All memberships include shipping expenses
-No joiners fee or annual dues

By you joining a Cheesecake Club, you agree to complete one (1) shipment/pickup prior to cancelling

Sweet Club

Holiday Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

March, June, Sept. & Dec.

$60-$90 per shipment

Lovely Club

Seasonal Favorites Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 6 times a year

Jan, March, May, July, Sep. & Nov.

$60-$85 per shipment

Beloved Club

Seasonal Favorites Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 12 times a year

Every month 

$60-$80 per shipment

Gluten Free Club

Seasonal Gluten Free Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

January, April, July & October

$70-$100 per shipment

Keto Club

Keto Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

January, April, July & October

$80-$110 per shipment

Your membership includes these exclusive benefits

  • 10% discount on all cheesecake’s
  • Discounted shipping and cheesecake cost on cheesecake club shipments
  • Ability to substitute cheesecakes in your shipment and add cheesecakes to your shipment with no additional shipping cost
  • Exclusive member only specials
  • Early access to our seasonal cheesecakes/new products
  • Early access to private events 
  • Discounted admission to private events
  • 10% discount on select merchandise
  • One time setup to receive recurring cheesecakes
  • Cancel anytime with no extra charges

Cancellation Policy – Membership may be canceled any time after receiving your first billing. We request 30 days notice via phone, email or written notice in advance of the shipment. We cannot cancel your membership once a club billing is in process.

Shipment Policy – We will notify you one week in advance of all upcoming shipments giving you the opportunity to update your shipping and billing information.

Pick-up Policy – Cheesecakes are guaranteed for 30 days but after that, inventory can’t be guaranteed. If your cheesecake(s) are not picked up after three billing cycles, we will reach out to you to coordinate shipping or other arrangements, unless other arrangements have been previously made.

Our customer satisfaction is our absolute number one priority here at Beloved Cheesecakes. For any questions, comments, concerns, or help please contact us at 541-220-0823 or or fill out the form below

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