Beloved Cheesecakes Exclusive Cheesecake Clubs

The “Cheesecake Club” membership by Beloved Cheesecakes offers a chance to delight your tastebuds, broaden your understanding of various cheesecake types, and enjoy exclusive perks from America’s renowned cheesecake brand. Select from five clubs tailored to different cheesecake tastes, dietary needs, and frequency.
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Club Selection

-All memberships include shipping expenses
-No joiners fee or annual dues

By you joining a Cheesecake Club, you agree to complete one (1) shipment/pickup prior to cancelling

Sweet Club

Holiday Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

March, June, Sept. & Dec.

$60-$90 per shipment

Lovely Club

Seasonal Favorites Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 6 times a year

Jan, March, May, July, Sep. & Nov.

$60-$85 per shipment

Beloved Club

Seasonal Favorites Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 12 times a year

Every month 

$60-$80 per shipment

Gluten Free Club

Seasonal Gluten Free Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

January, April, July & October

$70-$100 per shipment

Keto Club

Keto Cheesecakes

1 Cheesecake, 4 times a year

January, April, July & October

$80-$110 per shipment

Your membership includes these exclusive benefits

  • 10% discount on all cheesecake’s
  • Discounted shipping and cheesecake cost on cheesecake club shipments
  • Ability to substitute cheesecakes in your shipment and add cheesecakes to your shipment with no additional shipping cost
  • Exclusive member only specials
  • Early access to our seasonal cheesecakes/new products
  • Early access to private events 
  • Discounted admission to private events
  • 10% discount on select merchandise
  • One time setup to receive recurring cheesecakes
  • Cancel anytime with no extra charges

Cancellation Policy – Membership may be canceled any time after receiving your first billing. We request 30 days notice via phone, email or written notice in advance of the shipment. We cannot cancel your membership once a club billing is in process.

Shipment Policy – We will notify you one week in advance of all upcoming shipments giving you the opportunity to update your shipping and billing information.

Pick-up Policy – Cheesecakes are guaranteed for 30 days but after that, inventory can’t be guaranteed. If your cheesecake(s) are not picked up after three billing cycles, we will reach out to you to coordinate shipping or other arrangements, unless other arrangements have been previously made.

Our customer satisfaction is our absolute number one priority here at Beloved Cheesecakes. For any questions, comments, concerns, or help please contact us at 541-220-0823 or or fill out the form below

Assistance / Questions

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Frequently asked questions


I just joined a cheesecake club, when will my first cheesecake ship?

If you join a cheesecake club before the 7th of the month, then you will receive your cheesecake this month (if one of the clubs specific months). If you joined after the 7th of the month than you will receive your cheesecake the following month your club offers

What if I don’t like the flavor I get?

You will be texted and emailed the week before your shipment/pickup and be allowed the option to change your flavor to whatever flavor you like. 


When will I be billed?

You will be billed the 7th of each month that is listed with the specific club you join.


Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, by signing up for a cheesecake club, you are agreeing to complete at least the first shipment/pickup.


What day will my cheesecakes arrive (shipping)?

Your cheesecakes will always arrive the second Thursday of each month your club specifies.


What day do I have to pickup my cheesecakes and where (pickup)?

If you select a cheesecake club for pickup then you will always come in on the second Saturday of the months specified to your club at our Albany location, 124 Broadalbin St. SW Albany OR 97321.


What if I just want to pause my membership or skip 1 order?

You are more than welcome to pause your membership at anytime or skip the coming order, you can adjust all of that in your private customer portal you will receive once you sign up.


Who even is Beloved Cheesecakes and why should I trust them?

We are so happy that you are wondering this. Beloved Cheesecakes is a family ran cheesecake company based out of Albany Oregon. We opened our doors in 2019 August and have been since creating award winning, high quality cheesecakes. Read our full story here. Don’t take our word for it though! Watch all of our video testimonials and read our thousands of reviews. Thank you for looking at Beloved Cheesecakes and I hope you allow us to wow you with our decadent cheesecakes and our unmatched customer service! Have an amazing day!


Beloved Cheesecakes is SO excited to announce the release of our brand new cheesecake club membership! For the last five years that we have been in business we have had slices, mini cheesecakes, whole cheesecakes, cheesecakes to ship, cheesecake bites, sugar free cheesecake, gluten free cheesecake, vegan cheesecake, and anything else cheesecake that you could think of! Now, we have released our brand new cheesecake club that allows our beloved customers to enjoy Beloved Cheesecake all throughout the year while saving money and time. The only thing better than one cheesecake from Beloved Cheesecakes is multiple cheesecakes throughout the year! With our cheesecake club membership you have the option to pick up cheesecakes or have cheesecakes to ship straight to your door. 


Instead of manually ordering every time that you want cheesecake let our cheesecake club membership do the ordering for you and deliver that cheesecake that you’ve been craving straight to your door without the hassle of going online or calling to place your order. Plus, with our cheesecake club you no longer have to waste time manually entering in card information, our safe and secure system will save your card information on file ready to run through whenever it’s time for our cheesecakes to ship. Are you worried about forgetting that you’re subscribed to get cheesecake? No need to worry, we send you an email before every single shipment that allows you to view your order and decide if you want to cancel or alter your order at all! You can join our cheesecake club with peace of mind knowing that you can cancel your membership or subscription at any time, meaning a “no strings attached” cheesecake subscription. 


When it comes to good products, you pay for what you get which means that here at Beloved Cheesecakes you get high class, quality cheesecake. That being said, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks here and there? By joining our cheesecake club membership you actually save money on both the cheesecake itself and for the cheesecakes to ship you save money on the shipping costs as well. As a cheesecake club member you save money on every single cheesecake and the savings actually only go up the more cheesecake you get! We have multiple different tiers of cheesecake club memberships and the more often you get cheesecakes, the more you save every time. With our two options of either pickup or shipping membership options as well as multiple tiers of how often your cheesecakes come, there is sure to be a membership option that works for everyone. 


Many people unfortunately have to turn down their sweet tooth due to dietary restrictions or health reasons, here at Beloved we believe that everyone deserves to be able to partake in cheesecake which is why we have two clubs specifically for our dietary restriction friends. With our gluten free cheesecake club members will get to enjoy the same benefits as every other member of saving time and money on cheesecakes to pick up or cheesecakes to ship while enjoying our variety of flavors on a delicious ground walnut based crust instead of our traditional graham cracker or oreo crust. We also have some love for our sugar free cheesecake lovers too and offer a sugar free cheesecake club membership as well that offers our delicious keto cheesecake flavors that have a simple monk fruit sweetener in substitution for sugar, plus with a gluten free crust. We offer four flavors in our sugar free: lemon, key lime, traditional new york style, and a seasonal pumpkin cheesecake. 

A huge benefit, if not the number one benefit, of our cheesecake club membership is that it provides the absolute perfect gift opportunity for family or friends. Subscription gifts are becoming more and more popular nowadays as people turn from typical material gifts and look for the “gift that keeps on giving”. Obviously ordering cheesecakes to ship every couple months would be the perfect way to treat yourself as well, but many customers are excited to bless those around them with a yearlong cheesecake subscription. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, mother’s day, or anything in between, if you are stuck looking for the perfect gift for your parents, friends, or other family members then look no further than here. The amazing thing about our cheesecake club membership is that it allows you to choose from a variety of options to find the option that best suits the person you are getting the gift for and, even better, with our nationwide shipping, the cheesecake club membership is perfect for those long distance friends and family members. Even when you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like, your friends and family across the country will think about you every time they get a Beloved Cheesecake’s package at their front door.


Not only does the cheesecake club membership create the perfect gift and offer you a way to save money, but the cheesecake club membership also saves you time! The time it takes to manually go onto our website, choose a flavor, choose a pickup or shipping date, fill out your contact information, card information, shipping address, and billing address is all valuable time that could be saved by joining a cheesecake club! As of now, if you wanted to order either cheesecakes to ship or cheesecakes pickup, you would have to either go to Beloved Cheesecake’s website, call our shop phone number, or head in store to place an order. With a cheesecake club  membership you only have to set up an account once, which is a smooth easy process, and after that you don’t have to do a single thing! Once your account is set up with us, we will have all of your contact information and payment information on file in a secure account that will then automatically be applied when it comes time for your next cheesecake to be shipped out.


In conclusion, with all of the options out there for dessert and gifts we have combined our award winning cheesecake with a seamless subscription club to create the perfect gift for anyone near or far! Sign up today and enjoy the many benefits of Beloved Cheesecake’s brand new cheesecake club membership!