“Everyone LOVED all the cheesecakes. They were the hit of all desserts.”

“Your cheesecakes were both amazing, my wife said your berry cheesecake was the best cheesecake she has ever had.”

“The cheesecake was absolutely amazing! By far the best one I have ever had. You have started a new birthday cake tradition for me.”

“Your cheesecake is so incredible…Wow!!!!!!”

“Jen, your amazing cheesecake was the talk of the table. Thank you so much.

“Okkkkkay… those cheesecakes were the absolute best I’ve EVER had and that’s coming from someone who grew up in a community of gourmet bakers and cookers! I literally just was lost in my thoughts and enjoying every bite. You have got an amazing talent and great thing going there!”

“Can I call your cheesecake orgasmic? Lol”

“Jen,I just want you to know, if I had a food fetish, I would TOTALLY hump your key lime pie!!! It’s so good and makes me so happy!!!”
–rather remain anonymous

“Cheesecake was scrumptious! Thanks for saving the day!”

“Everyone LOVED your cheesecake. They all responded with words like heaven, best ever, and delicious. Thank you again.”
– Maggie

“The Cheesecake was freaking awesome! For reals you are talented!”

“There are no human words to describe the amazing level of heavenly taste in your lovingly made cheesecake. Stunning, exquisite, eye-closing as your savor every bite, straight from heaven cheesecake. THANK YOU ≤,for all your hard work and love you put into that beautiful key lime cheesecake.”

“My friend was over and I asked if she wanted a piece and she said no, I hate cheesecake. She had two pieces.”

“Best Cheesecake we ever tasted!”

“Just wanted to tell you how amazing your cheesecakes were… they were an absolute hit at the party!! Everyone really liked them a lot and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were.”

“Jen, your salted caramel cheesecake was a hit…$600!!!!!”

“Jen, thank you for building a place where magical things happen.”

“Jen- just wanted to say how fantastic your cheesecake was that we enjoyed for my birthday yesterday! Thank you again!”

“Amazing cheesecake once again!

“My dad said it was the best cheesecake he’s ever had!”