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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | You Can Rely On Us!


Why choose Beloved Cheesecakes over any other cheesecake making company? You should trust Beloved Cheesecakes in Oregon because we have amazing testimonials like trust and customer service on both sides with our customers and hard work. We never want to leave a job halfway done. We will always work to the best of our ability no matter how hard it is because we care here at Beloved Cheesecake and we believe you deserve the best of the best so if you have any questions about our testimonials you should give us a call today and you can get started with Beloved Cheesecakes in Oregon.

Beloved Cheesecakes make Cheesecakes to Ship directly to our customers. We have two different ways that you can receive your cheesecake. you can choose to either come pick it up in one of our stores that are located in Silverton and Albany Oregon or you can choose to have it shipped directly to your door so you don’t even have to lift a foot. all you have to do is place the order which you can do through our website, giving us a call, or ordering it in store, and we will get it to you as soon as possible. we want nothing but the best for our customers and we will do just about anything to keep up the good reputation that we have.

Beloved Cheesecakes not only makes the very best and top quality Cheesecakes to Ship, But we also offer free cheesecake to our birthday customers. on your birthday, you can receive a free Slice of Cheesecake just by entering your name, email, phone number, and birthday into our website right now and you can get that free Slice of Cheesecake! you can trust our company because we will provide you with a quality unlike any other. some awards that we have one have been the best of the Willamette Valley from 2020 to 2022 and we take lots of pride in these Awards. If you want you can head over to our website and check us out. you can also view some of our testimonials to see what other past customers I have thought about us.

If you want to experience the very best customer service in Oregon then you need to check out beloved cheesecakes. We offer not only the best customer service but also the best cheesecakes that you will ever taste in your life. if you want to get your order books now then you can check us out online at or you can give us a call with any further questions that you might have by dialing the number 503-383-9323 and we can get you set up with one of our cheesecake professionals as soon as possible. We are very excited to work with you and cannot wait to get it started!

Cheesecakes to Ship | Reliable and Trustworthy

Not only does Beloved Cheesecakes want to make Cheesecakes to Ship, But we also want to help you plan your next big event. you can make your next Unforgettable memory a deliciously memorable time with beloved cheesecakes. we specialize in putting smiles on all types of faces with Top Notch customer service. we want to take your husband to the next level with some of our cheesecake. at our Silverton location, you can come right in and try a sample of any of our cheesecakes just to see the incredible selection that we have to offer you. you can also find us at different events such as Farmers Market so if you want to keep up with us just go over to our Instagram for our latest location where you can get a close up of what your next big event can look like!

With Cheesecakes to Ship and much more, beloved cheesecakes has many different ways to bring our award-winning cheesecake to your next event. we have a very adorable food cart that we keep loaded with mini fridges to keep your cheesecake chilled, a serving window, and a cheesecake professional inside to give you the very best customer service that you can imagine. if you want something more casual then we can bring our canopy that includes an ice table to chill and display your beautiful cheesecake and we can have them ready to serve from a cheesecake professional to give you the very best experience and customer service possible so just give us a call if you would like to get your next event planned.

Beloved Cheesecakes always has many Cheesecakes to Ship, but we still value our customer service just as much. you’ll never catch us bad-mouthing anyone or being lazy. we want to give everyone the very best experience possible and we do so by hiring only the top notch most dedicated people to be our cheesecake professionals. we want to have the most motivated and hard-working people around our company so we can only go up and we have people that are super excited to work and create the most aesthetically pleasing cheesecakes for you or your event so come check us out in stores or online today and we can get that cheesecake made for you right away. you will not be disappointed in our service because we take pride in the time that we get all of these cheesecakes done while still caring about the end result.

You should go head over to Silverton Oregon right now and go check out beloved cheesecakes because we are not only America’s favorite Cheesecake but we are also well known for our amazing service to our customers. we want to be the most kind and reliable company there is. if you want to find out more about beloved cheesecakes or want to check out some of our testimonials you can go to our website right now at or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the feel free to reach out to us directly by giving us a call at 503-383-9323 and we will get you started soon!