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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Whats for Dessert


Are you looking for your next favorite dessert? do you like cheesecake? do you live in oregon? if you answer at least two of these yes then beloved cheesecakes is the place for you. beloved cheesecakes is located inSilverton Oregon and the second location is located in Albany Oregon. conveniently though if you don’t live in Oregon the love of cheesecakes is available to offer its customers the ability to order their cheesecakes and get them shipped directly to them. yes that’s right, Cheesecakes to Ship directly to you. beloved cheesecakes has some of the best cheesecakes in the world. Beloved cheesecake is America’s favorite Cheesecake. number one. beloved cheesecake is also the highest and most reviewed dessert. five stars. beloved cheesecake has this wonderful offer of 10% off of your very first order so take advantage of that now.

still not convinced to get your Cheesecakes to Ship directly to you? what are you waiting for we have customer testimonials available for you to watch on our website. our testimonials are very true and real and raw. our customers have been willing to review us and give us live reviews of tasting our cheesecake on video. our cheesecakes are very popular and people really love them. people ordered them over and over again and even businesses locally purchase our cheesecakes so that we can stock them and keep them being able to serve cheesecake in their restaurants. our cheesecakes are very well known and if you haven’t heard of them then you’re missing out. you need to get a taste of our delicious beloved cheesecakes. we like to consider our cheesecakes a little taste of Heaven, just a slice.

We have many different flavors for our customers to choose from. we have our regular flavors that we offer year-round and then we also have our rotating seasonal flavors that we rotate each month. the eight flavors that we have year round include salted caramel, lemon, oreo, New York style, chocolate, key lime, peanut butter finger, and white chocolate raspberry. are rotating seasonal flavors include pumpkin, Marion Berry white chocolate peppermint, mint chocolate chip, and many more. of the flavors that we carry by far our highest selling and most popular is assaulted caramel. salted caramel cheesecake is our customers favorites. when we offer the seasonal flavors we recommend that you take advantage of those offers because they don’t last very long. they are limited time offer and they are delicious so don’t miss out. you can go ahead and check out what flavor we have this month and order your Cheesecakes to Ship before it’s too late. Our other eight flavors that we do carry year-round are definitely excellent though and still great picks.

Our customers are more than welcome to make custom orders Cheesecakes to Ship as well. we can create whatever cheesecake to fill the needs of our customers. something exciting that we have been offering is custom wedding cake orders. beloved cheesecakes is excited to be a part of your big day. beloved cheesecakes would love to help you plan for your next big event. using us for your next event would definitely impress your guests and leave everybody feeling satisfied. our cheesecake professionals are here to help our customers Place their order for their special day. we can create different kinds of guest desserts, couples cakes, heart-shaped cakes, and even tiered cheesecakes, yes that’s right tiered cheesecakes. we are here to cater to whatever needs you need for your wedding. you are more welcome to browse on our Instagram and Facebook to see our past wedding orders that we have done and you can check out our website I see pictures of the different types of cheesecakes that we have to offer.

Beloved cheesecakes is super excited to be able to offer our customers Cheesecakes to Ship and we encourage you to check out the menu on our website or call at 503-383-9323 to talk to a professional today and get help with your order.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Decadent at all times

Our beloved cheesecakes has a very impactful gift back to its community. be a part of the community and Order Cheesecakes to Ship today and see what it’s all about, get a taste of what we have to offer. Beloved cheesecakes is proud to donate and sponsor to numerous communities, churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, political fundraisers, camps and more. some of the specific organizations we have sponsored are restoring organelle, Freedom business fellowship, Silverton High School wrestling, Silverton unified basketball, Community Roots Charter school, Butte Creek elementary,SACA Silverton Area Community aid, prom dress drive, country Christian school, the river church, habitat for humanity, pratum elementary school, Living Waters of hope, because people matter, Turner elementary, Scotts Mills elementary, Silverton senior center, St Regis Catholic school, share the love Molalla. we are proud to support these communities and continue to give back.

Beloved cheesecakes was founded by our wonderful Jen who loves to help people. Jen came up with the idea for Cheesecakes to Ship to be able to help thread her positivity through her cheesecake therapy from even further away. Jen has been able to donate through her beloved cheesecakes by participating in auctions for their cheesecake. one of her cheesecakes, the salted caramel cheesecake that most famous One actually sold for $906.

Jen really loves her people and people really love her cheesecake. take a look at her customer testimonials for beloved cheesecakes on the website. these cheesecakes are definitely worth the wait, it takes 2 days to receive your cheesecake after you order your Cheesecakes to Ship. once you take your first bite of that cheesecake you’re going to realize it’s the best cheesecake you’ve ever had in your entire life. it’s probably going to be your most favorite dessert from now on.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience beloved cheesecakes little slices of heaven. conveniently you can have it ordered and get your Cheesecakes to Ship straight to you. it’s definitely worth the wait and it’s something you won’t regret.

get a hold of one of our lovely professionals who is excited to help you make your order for Cheesecakes to Ship today online and our website at or call at 503-383-9323. you get to receive that excellent customer service that we have a beloved cheesecakes.