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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship |try the Salted caramel


Have you heard of America’s favorite cheesecake? Beloved cheesecakes is a cheesecake like no other. beloved cheesecakes is located inSilverton Oregon and our second location in Albany Oregon. not to worry though if you still want to have the experience of tasting America’s most favorite Cheesecake then you’re in luck. Beloved cheesecake offers there Cheesecakes to Ship option for their customers nationwide.

Not only do we believe that our cheesecakes are the best, but we believe that our cheesecakes are similar to a little slice of heaven. our cheesecakes are extremely popular with our customers and leave our customers completely satisfied. our cheesecakes are in high demand and we get orders after orders. our cheesecakes are extremely delicious and we have been able to perfect a recipes an offer several different flavors. all of our flavors are so high in demand that people place orders for them Nationwide we do offer our cheesecakes in store but we also offer for our Cheesecakes to Ship for customers that are further away. we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to be able to taste all of the flavors that we have available for our customers. we do have a customer favorites and those top picks are our customer favorites.

year-round we do offer eight different Flavors of our cheesecake. don’t miss out on ordering your Cheesecakes to Ship, choose from any eight flavors today. the eight flavors that we offer year-round are salted caramel which is our highest demand is our top pick in our customer favorite. we also offer zesty lemon cheesecake. we also offer for our sweets lovers are delicious Oreo flavor cheesecake. Another personal favorite is our New York style cheesecake this one is a classic. and for our chocolate lovers out there if we do have our chocolate cheesecake. another citrusy option is our key lime cheesecake. we have our delicious peanut butter Butterfinger cheesecake available for our customers as well. and another classic is our white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Still not sure which Cheesecake to pick? are salted caramel is our best selling cheesecake. our salted caramel cheesecake actually sells really high in the auctions. one time it sold for $906! yes it’s quite a lot of money for a cheesecake and that’s just because people really enjoy the salted, cheesecake. it’s really a customer favorite it’s a safe pick for new customers who are unsure about which flavor to pick from. we know we have a lot of flavor to choose from someone ordering your Cheesecakes to Ship it can be a little overwhelming. But I reassure you have to take it you will feel so much better. you will know you made the right choice of dessert when you take that first bite of our delicious beloved cheesecake.

I encourage you to check out our website and look at the pictures that we have posted on our cheesecakes. it’ll help give you an idea of which one to pick when you’re ordering for your Cheesecakes to Ship. the pictures are nice but the flavor is much better you’ll just have to find out when your order arrives in person. you can check out our website at or call at 503-383-9323 to place your order now.

Cheesecakes to Ship |Order today

How would you like to know that our cheesecakes are also offered for wedding options. you can order your custom Cheesecakes to Ship for wedding options. our beloved cheesecakes offer custom wedding cake orders for the bride and grooms, they can call or stop in to even taste the flavors see the options discuss different ideas with our professionals, and place that order for their special day. we also offer guest desserts for weddings. such as heart-shaped cakes and we even offer tiered cheesecakes. whatever it is that you may be we can make it for you. we actually have some proudly posted Instagram on Facebook post of our past wedding orders so feel free to go check those out they were super fun to do and we look forward to making more in the future.

Looking for your next new favorite dessert well then I’m to the right place because beloved cheesecakes is going to be your next favorite. it’s definitely America’s favorite Cheesecake so we know that it’ll be your favorite too. we also offer our customer testimonials on our website for you to see. we probably post these because we know that our customers truly enjoy our cheesecake and our cheesecake recipe. are the best and that they will also love them as well. our cheesecakes are delicious handcrafted and we have worked hard to be able to perfect our recipe so that our customers can be satisfied. you can order your delicious handcrafted Cheesecakes to Ship any flavor of your choice straight to your house.

Your first purchase is 10% off, it just takes 2 days to arrive to you in the mail. we urgently encourage you to order now because the sooner I guess sooner I get to enjoy it’s amazing Little slice of heaven. you’re definitely going to fall in love with her delicious cheesecake. this is going to be the cheesecake that you turn to for every special event. you’re going to really like out our pictures you know Justice though because the flavor is really where it’s at. yes our cheesecakes are beautiful but they’re even more delicious and they are going to melt in your mouth and make you want to order more. so order your first cheesecake now get a hold of our professionals and choose whatever Cheesecakes to Ship today.

you can go ahead and check out our pictures on our website and our social media is about our cheesecakes, there’s not much more to say our cheesecake really speaks for itself. you just have to try it it’s just one of those things. all of our flavors are amazing but our salted caramel is definitely the best… according to most of our customers because it’s definitely a favorite. order your staple Cheesecakes to Ship today straight to your house and be able to enjoy a little bit of our beloved cheesecakes and see what we are about.

get a hold of our amazing professionals today and let them help you order Cheesecakes to Ship a contact information is located on our website or call at 503-383-9323.