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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Signature Cheesecakes


When you’re in the market for Cheesecakes to Ship there’s no one better than us. At beloved Cheesecakes, we take cheesecakes to a whole new level. Our bakery began in 2019 when our founder was given an entire flat of blackberries she didn’t know what to do with. Today, we have several signature cheesecake flavors that are award-winning flavors you can only find here. Others may have the same title, but our flavor is bar none the best. And our customers are very adamant about letting you know that. And that’s why we love and spoil our customers every chance we can get.

The very first Cheesecakes to Ship signature flavor has always been our salted caramel. This flavor combination is part of a food trendy fat that isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s a classic mix of sweet and salty which targets your taste buds and sends them right to the moon. We top our smooth caramel with crushed heath bar topping and feel our signature cheesecake with caramel flavoring. Just looking at the picture, the graham cracker crust looks more moist and more delicious than any other cheesecakes out there. This is the very same cheesecake that broke records of raising $906 for a non-profit fundraiser.

When you receive our Cheesecakes to Ship at your door, please be aware that none of our award-winning caves will come decorated. This is because when we ship it is shipped frozen. Gourmet cakes require care, as well as special handling. Not only is the cheesecake itself created fresh, but so are all of our toppings. You will in fact receive the toppings, however they will be on the side for you to decorate at your own hand. The only type of thing we do not provide is whipped cream as we shrink wrap our cakes. And we promise you will never have another experience quite like this one.

There is special Care that needs to be noted when receiving one of our cheesecake shipped to your door. Please remember that they are shipped frozen, they are shrunk wrapped, and toppings will come included in your shipment. To maintain the freshness of our cheesecake, it will be shipped with either ice packs or dry ice in especially insulated box. The biggest thing to remember is that dry eyes can hurt you, and we do not want that to happen. If you do happen to receive an insulated box with dry eyes, take care not to touch it with your bare hands.

Be sure to head over to our website at to see all of our signature cakes and flavors. Clicking on all of the options available on the store will allow you to see a special description as to what each cheesecake is expected to be like. One thing is for certain you’ve never experienced award-winning cheesecake like this before. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 503-383-9323 So we can discuss all your cheesecake needs.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Fresh Gourmet Toppings

Producing America’s favorite Cheesecakes to Ship not only requires you to have fresh gourmet cheesecake, but we also provide fresh gourmet toppings. Nothing in our store can be concocted by utilizing anything already in the store. We pride ourselves on this fact. Our signature salted caramel cheesecake is served with a smooth caramel sauce. This caramel sauce is made by hand every single day. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, and every cheesecake is a labor of love for us and that’s why everything is created by scratch. This is how We get such brave reviews. Love takes Time, and so do our cheesecakes.

Regular New York style Cheesecakes to Ship come with several options of topping or none at all. From raspberry, strawberry, blueberry or even cherry, rest assured that we make our cheesecake topping from scratch. We are also happy to let our customers know we have keto options available in our toppings as well. In fact most cakes come with an option to be gluten-free or keto. This allows us to be more accessible for people with specialized diets who normally don’t have an option as delicious as gourmet cheesecakes. Even vegans usually don’t have as delicious a dessert option, and we are pleased to be able to accommodate.

One thing we’ve heard over and over from our Cheesecakes to Ship customers is they’ve never had a delicious chocolate cheesecake. We are happy to announce that every customer who’s ever attempted to try our chocolate cheesecake has been scrumptiously pleased. We’ve developed a yummy recipe with decadent dark and milk chocolate mixed together and topped with a rich ganache, sprinkled with chocolate shavings and shaved by hand, and instead of a graham cracker crust we crush chocolate cookies instead. It’s almost like a death by chocolate cheesecake with a total of four layers of chocolate. This does come in a gluten-free option that has never missed out on taste.

One of the best flavor profiles we enjoy playing around with is sweet and sour. We have two cheesecakes dedicated to this flavor profile. One being our key line, and the other is our lemon cheesecake. With a perfect amount of sour and citrus pairing with sweet, the creamy flavor in each bite is perfectly paid with citrus slices and whipped cream. We’ve heard from our customers that whenever Cheesecakes are being served many people do not want to share. We laugh at that and offer that they purchase more cheesecake. As everybody deserves a slice of cake. Day in and day out we strive to be the best and we take that seriously with every order created.

To let your taste buds go on a trip by itself, click on this link and take a look at our full menu today. We’re sure it will get your mouth watering right now. When you’re ready feel free to contact us on our website to send in an order form, or we would love to hear from you in person by calling this number 503-383-9323. We look forward to surprising and delighting you.