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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Our 2020 Covid Chronicle


On our journey to be the best Cheesecakes to Ship, 1 year after we opened our doors, covid happened. Everything was right on track to my cup being overflowing with abundance, then all the lockdowns and restrictions came. From March to June of 2020 the nightmares of opening a business became apparent. We were still doing special orders, but without foot traffic, we were not able to sustain ourselves. When June came around, I decided to stop living in fear and have faith that God had my back. Since that day, I have not looked back. And that has been the best business decision I’ve ever made.

As God continued to guide us for Cheesecakes to Ship, We began seeing persecution in our local community. The persecution came from the very community that was supporting us due to our decision to open in the middle of this mast war. Though the road was rocky and I didn’t always see the end in mind, I continue to listen to God. Due to my continued listening to God, my first divine appointment occurred when a documentary called non-essential was filmed and I was one of their small businesses that was featured. That holiday season a large congregation ordered many cheesecakes and support.

In April of 2021 Cheesecakes to Ship gained national attention with a Fox News show called Fox and Friends. Directly after that 4 minute interview, I began getting contacts from every method possible. My phone was ringing off the hood, my email didn’t stop dinging, text message notifications and Facebook notifications all began blowing up. While the response was overwhelming, we spoke to many customers who prayed for us, ordered cheesecakes then, and still order cheesecakes now. To this day I am making and shipping cheesecakes, but the newest turn in my story is that I have attracted the attention of many political candidates. This taught me to get further education regarding the Constitution and become involved more in freedom rallies.

Through being obedient and staying steadfast in the word of God, we have seen the platform of our business advance in many ways we didn’t even think was possible. We are always unsure of what the future holds for us here at Beloved Cheesecakes, however what we do know is we are open and receptive to whatever God has in store for us. While we do create and produce the best cheesecake in America, something else that we offer, free to every customer, is a warm smile, a listening ear, and a real hug. These are priceless things that bring people together in freedom and in worship. Our only desire is to be a shining light and a beacon of truth.

If you have an event that fits within these stories, feel free to connect with us on our website at Jen would love to hear from you. She would love to utilize her space for paint nights, networking, or anything to do with freedom or constitutionality. Better yet, give us a call at 503-383-9323 to be served the best and award-winning cheesecake that is truly a bite of heaven on earth

Cheesecakes to Ship | Tasty Testimonials

The one thing we know for sure about our Cheesecakes to Ship is that they are the tastiest in the business. We have countless testimonials full of raving fans regarding their experience with trying our exquisite cheesecakes for the first time. It is a true joy to watch people’s faces light up as they experience the best in America for the first time ever. Most people go into the experience very skeptical however by the time it’s over they’re either buying another slice of cake or buying a full cake to take home. Over the years we’ve expanded our service from brick and mortar bakery, to a food cart serving slices of cake, and we are very pleased with our ability to ship across the nation.

We know that in providing the best Cheesecakes to Ship in all of America, we are living up to the standard of being the best in service to God. We look at providing the best cheesecakes in America as a unique opportunity to share the love of God. Even though I was resistant to starting along this path, I am pleased to see how far we have come and even more pleased to see where God is sending me. It is our prayer that every bite aligns with divine destiny for one of a kind tasting opportunity. Then, you will be able to give your own testimonial about your own unique experience. And we would love it if you did.

Most people have only experienced cheesecake from either a boxed store or a chain restaurant, but when they experience our Cheesecakes to Ship is an entirely new experience. That’s because our gourmet cheesecakes are made fresh each and every day, not brought in frozen like the other guys. We know we have the best tasting cheesecake around because we’ve heard it time and time again. Even if you’re a vegan, we have an option just as exquisite for you. The best thing about being America’s favorite cheesecake is that there are many people singing its praises. And it’s literally music to our ears.

When asked if they like our cheesecake, what we are always met with is the fact that they love it. No one ever just likes our cheesecake, all our customers are committed. Things that are often mentioned are the texture and how moist it is. This is imperative in any banking, but especially in cheesecake. If you notice from our pictures none of our cheesecakes are cracked. The flavoring is swirled throughout as well as on top of the cheesecake, in our crust is second to none. Nothing takes away from the experience of the other when enjoying this heavenly slice of cheesecake.

If you ever want to know what God’s love truly tastes like, head over to our website at feast with your eyes first as we have full pictures of our full menu. Just be sure not to let your mouth water on your computer. Feel free to order online, or if you would like a more personal connection you can always give us a call at 503-383-9323. We look forward to seeing your testimony on our website next.