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Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

cheesecakes to ship | Mini Cheesecakes

If you want cheesecakes to ship to you but you don’t want a full size cheesecake, you should try one of our Mini cheesecakes. Here at beloved cheesecakes, we’ll make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your cheesecake order. We use the highest quality shipping possible for the highest quality cheesecake. i want to make sure you love every bite of your cheesecake, so we make them fresh from our Bakery and ship them out directly to you. if you do not want them to be shipped to you, you can also just come into our store and buy one that is ready made and ready to go, or you can call ahead for an in-store pickup order. When you need a cheesecake, make sure to come to your beloved cheesecakes.

Our mini cheesecakes come in so many flavors. Although they do not come in every flavor that full size cheesecakes do, we still have all of the fan favorites and the classic flavors for you to enjoy in many forms. so, if you want some Mini cheesecakes to ship straight to your door, make sure you give us a call or order online.

The flavors we include in our mini cheesecake collection is the classic New York style Mini cheesecake, of course you have to have the New York style for any cheesecake line because it is a classic. We also have a simple chocolate mini cheesecake for all you chocolate lovers. if you want to go a little more fancy, we also have flavors such as key lime, Oreo, and lemon. Those are for the people who love more interesting but also well loved flavors. so, order your cheesecakes to ship to your door today.

If you want some more interesting flavors for your mini cheesecakes, we have those two. We have our fan favorite peanut butter finger Mini cheesecake. This one is great for kids or anybody else who loves peanut butter and butter fingers. It is deliciously sweet and you will love every bite. We also have a salted caramel mini cheesecake that is covered in little toffee bits and salted caramel drizzle. We know that you will love this cheesecake if you are a caramel lover. If you want a bit of a fruity taste, you can try our white chocolate raspberry mini cheesecake. This is a mainly white chocolate cheesecake with some raspberry filling as well as topped with a little raspberry for a decoration on top. Our mini cheesecakes are made with so many fun flavors that you will have a hard time choosing which one you want to try.

If you’re looking for cheesecake, make sure you try out one of our delicious little mini cheesecakes. They are fun sized, so you don’t have to share with anybody else, unless you want to because sharing is caring. Go ahead and get your orders started by calling us at 541-220-0823 or check out our website at

cheesecakes to ship | Single Slice

If you do not want cheesecakes to ship to you, but you would rather come into the store and pick one out, why not try one of our single slice cheesecakes. If you come into our store, you can get a cheesecake by the slice so you do not have to buy an entire cheesecake if you are craving some cheesecake. Our cheesecakes are the highest quality, which means they are also priced at a premium rate. so, if you want a budget-friendly cheesecake, come try our cheesecakes by the slice. we know you will not be disappointed.

we do not make our single slice cheesecakes to ship to you. so, if you want a single sliced cheesecake make sure you stop by our store in Albany oregon. you can order it online or call online to make sure we have that flavor in stock for you ahead of time. or, if you just want to stop by because you have a sweet craving, go ahead and come in and choose from our slices that are on display at the moment. makes you come as early as possible to the flavor you want before it runs out

Our cheesecake by the slices comes in several flavors. We have our New York style cheesecake, and our single sliced chocolate cheesecake If you are a fan of those classic cheesecake flavors. However, if you want a little more Flair in your cheesecake, you can try one of our white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes, Oreo cheesecakes or even our peanut butter finger cheesecake. Just remember, if you want our cheesecakes to ship to you instead of you picking them up, make sure you get our mini cheesecakes or our whole cheesecake because our cheesecake by the slice does not ship. You will be happy with how good this is.

A single size cheesecake is perfect for one or two people. if you want to share, you could definitely share it with a friend or family member or even a child. however, they are also perfect for you to have just on your own. We can also give you a little box to take home, so you can put it in the fridge and enjoy cheesecakes for an after dinner dessert, midnight snack, or just whenever you want a little sweet. We know that you will be 100% satisfied with our cheesecakes because we have the highest quality cheesecakes possible and they are made with love. Just look at any of our testimonials on our website or ask anyone in town who has been to our cheesecake shop and they will tell you that our cheesecakes are the best they’ve ever had in their life.

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your entire experience, from ordering and eating your delicious cheesecake. so, if you have any questions or you’d like to start your order, give us a call at 541-220-0823 or you can head online and start your order and look at our menu at