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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Meet our Jen


Beloved cheesecake was sounded by Jen. Jen never had intentions on starting out on her cheesecake business it just kind of fell into her lap. Jen was set out to be a social worker. she graduated with her bachelor’s degree and social work in 2018 but after she graduated the doors did not open. she took this as a sign to start looking for something else. Jen started out small doing cheesecakes out of her own home for people she knew and her cheesecakes were so popular and her business began to flourish. Word of Mouth spread how wonderful her cheesecakes are and before you know it Jen was swamped with the amount of Cheesecake she had to make so she decided to start her business beloved cheesecakes. soon enough the love of cheesecakes even got so big so she decided to make her cheesecakes available Nationwide so that her customers everywhere could be able to order cheesecakes no matter where they’re at. this new found Cheesecakes to Ship idea really took off. Jen has been successfully selling cheesecakes since her first grand opening in 2019.

Since opening Jen has been able to partner with several businesses in her local area she sells her cheesecakes to resorts in town and the resorts sell her slices for $11 a slice. more and more restaurants began to join in on buying cheesecakes from beloved cheesecakes and supporting the business. is able to help out her community by providing them cheesecake therapy. if you want to try some of this cheesecake you can go ahead and order some Cheesecakes to Ship straight to your house.

Beloved cheesecakes also has a wonderful gift bag system that they do for their community. by ordering Cheesecakes to Ship you too can be a part of the give back. Beloved cheesecake donates and sponsors to multiple communities, several churches, several schools, non-profit organizations, different political fundraisers, camps and so much more. some of the specific give back that we have been able to provide are for restoring organ now, Freedom business fellowship, Silverton High School wrestling, Silverton unified basketball, Community Roots Charter school, Butte Creek elementary,SACA Silverton Area Community aid, prom dress drive, country Christian school, the river church, habitat for humanity, pratum elementary school, Living Waters of hope, because people matter, Turner elementary, Scotts Mills elementary, Silverton senior center, St Regis Catholic school, and share the love Molalla.

As you can tell our founder of beloved cheesecakes is a very generous person. Why don’t you have a taste of our lovely created Cheesecakes to Ship straight to your door. Order cheesecakes and have one today.

You can check out the story on our website of beloved cheesecakes beginning on our story. our lovely story will give you inspiration to order your very first Cheesecakes to Ship you can place your order online at our website at or call at 503-383-9323.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Our product

Now what are these cheesecakes that we keep on talking about? these cheesecakes are beloved cheesecakes not only are they beloved, they are America’s favorite cheesecakes. that’s right America’s favorite! these cheesecakes are 10% off of the first order and the reason we say order your Cheesecakes to Ship is because we love a cheesecakes is only located in Oregon. They only have two locations but for the convenience of the customers they have made it available for shipping delivery or pick up whatever is convenient for our customers. Our customers do order Nationwide and it only takes two days to deliver your cheesecake.

Now let’s get to the good part what are the flavors of these cheesecakes? beloved cheesecake offers eight different flavors for its customers. a different flavors that we offer year round are salted caramel, lemon, oreo, New York style, chocolate, key lime, peanut butter finger, and white chocolate raspberry. of these flavors the salted caramel cheesecake is a customer favorite it is a staple to our company and our customers really enjoy this one. the rest of our cheesecakes are also very good as well in our customers really enjoy those. we really encourage you to take a taste of our delicious cheesecake and go ahead and order yours today, don’t forget you can get your Cheesecakes to Ship to you or a friend if it’s something you would like to gift somebody. spread a little love with our cheesecakes whether it’s to yourself or to a loved one it’s bound to make somebody smile.

we take pride in our cheesecakes and we believe that our cheesecakes little slices of heaven. we pride ourselves in giving our customers some of the most delicious cheesecake in america. we work really hard to perfect our recipe and provide our customers some of the best top quality cheesecake there is. if cheesecake isn’t your favorite dessert it will be now. just one by of our delicious cheesecake and you’ll be a customer for life. order your Cheesecakes to Ship now.

You can go ahead and order your delicious Cheesecakes to Ship right now. you’re not going to want to miss out on such a delicious cheesecake these cheesecakes are handcrafted and they are made completely from scratch. our crust is made from scratch, the cheesecake filling is completely made from scratch, and then the cheesecake topping that we choose is also handmade right in our kitchen. everything is our own recipe and we are genuinely so happy to share this with the world. we love being able to spread our cheesecake therapy to our community and be able to put a smile on people’s faces. people really love our cheesecake we have really good client testimonials on our website of people who just fell in love with their cheesecake. you’re going to fall in love with it too.

Our cheesecake pretty much speaks for itself. one bite and you’ll be mesmerized. you will fall in love with our cheesecake our recipe is just so delicious and it’s not like any other. we have some pictures on our website as well that we encourage you to go check out they just show the beauty of our cheesecake but you just really have to take a bite to figure out how beautiful it really are on the inside because that’s the part that really matters especially when it comes to our delicious cheesecakes. but don’t hesitate go ahead and order now and get your Cheesecakes to Ship we have access on our website At or call at 503-383-9323.