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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

cheesecakes to ship | Made with Love


When you’re looking for cheesecakes to ship, make sure you check out beloved cheesecakes. Here, we have the highest quality possible for your cheesecake needs. We have a variety of flavors that are all specially designed to feel your taste buds with joy with each bite. There is something for everyone here, and if you need help finding anything, just reach out to one of our cheesecake experts to make sure you are taken care of. All of our cheesecake experts know so much about cheesecake. any questions you have, they will be able to answer because we are the highest quality cheesecake Bakery you’ll be able to find.

We care so much about our customers here at Beloved cheesecakes. Just read any of our testimonials and you will know why our customers love us so much. We have recently started selling cheesecakes to ship directly to your door so you no longer have to travel all the way to our store to get our cheesecakes, but now anyone in the US can experience the joy of our cheesecakes. However, if you do want to come and talk to us or to see the amazing atmosphere of our wonderful little Bakery store, you can come to Albany Oregon and come give us a chat.

We started selling our cheesecakes to ship because we did not want to keep our love cheesecakes to ourselves. Although we love our community and we love all the people in it, we also wanted to spread the joy of cheesecakes to the rest of the United states. Now, anywhere in the United States you are able to taste our amazing cheesecakes. and Once you taste them, you will never go back. you will fall in love with our cheesecakes just like we have, and just like the people in our community have. We were very thankful for everyone in our community who has helped us to come this far. Our community supports us fully and we love them so much for that.

Because you love our community so much, we also give back to our community. With all purchases, a portion of that money goes to donations and sponsorships to local organizations and churches in the community. We like to sponsor Christian organizations, but we also have some solely community-based organizations that we donate to. We also help out a few schools in the area. Because of our love for our community, many of the other small businesses here have partnered with us to sell our cheesecakes. so, go to our website to find out which stores you can find cheesecake at.

We are determined to give each customer the highest quality possible when it comes to cheesecakes and customer service. Just give a call to any of our cheesecake experts if you have a question or need help finding the perfect cheesecake for you. to begin your orders with us or to get in touch, call our store at 541-220-0823 or go to our website at

cheesecakes to ship | From Humble Beginnings

If you’re looking for the best and highest quality cheesecakes to ship to you, you come to the right bakery. At beloved cheesecakes, we are committed to give every customer the most premium quality of customer service as well as the highest quality cheesecakes one can offer. all of our cheesecakes are made with premium ingredients as well as love and years of experience. What started off as a simple side hustle in the kitchen of a busy single mom, soon turned into a massive business that now ships across the country.

At the start of our career, we were simply a way to make a little extra money for a single mom who was raising little boys all on her own. Then, some people in the community started asking for cheesecake orders. Because her cheesecakes were so amazing, and the community left her so much, they started a fundraiser for her to start her own cheesecake shop. Now, she sells cheesecakes as a full-on business of the highest quality and she even sells cheesecakes to ship nationwide.

Because we came from Humble beginnings, we like to stay connected with our customers. We know that many big businesses can be impersonal and cold, so we start to be exactly the opposite. We’d like to have a personal relationship with each one of our customers. We like to show our love through cheesecakes and through our amazing customer service and professionalism. so, if you are looking for cheesecakes to ship to your home from our state to yours, make sure to give us a call so we can get to know you even from far away.

We like to make sure all of our cheesecakes taste amazing, but not everybody likes every flavor. so, we have a variety of flavors so that each person can find at least one flavor that they are amazed by. If you like Fruity flavors, we have key lime cheesecake, lemon cheesecake, or white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. If you’re more of a fan of chocolate, we have our plain chocolate cheesecake, our Oreo cheesecake, and our peanut butter finger which comes with a chocolate crust. We even have a seasonal cheesecake. During the fall, we had pumpkin cheesecake. However, Fall is gone and winter is in season, so we now have a white chocolate peppermint cheesecake for all your winter wonderland needs. make sure you try our white chocolate Peppermint cheesecake before the season is over or you will have to wait for next year.

If you are looking for a personal yet delicious cheesecake Bakery, we are the one for you. We care about our customers and we want to make sure that every customer feels important to us and that they get the highest quality cheesecake because they deserve it. so, if you want to get in touch to get to know us or if you want to start an order, you can give us a call at 541-220-0823 or you can start an online order or look at our menu and our story at