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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Get the Blood sugar going


One thing we don’t like talking about is how much sugar is in our Cheesecakes to Ship. With today’s culture so obsessed with dieting in fads to keep the weight off, sometimes your body finds itself with a low blood sugar. When your sugar is low, it’s a great time to try something as exquisite as our gourmet cheesecakes. Some customers keep slices of cake around specifically for this reason. But we suggest coming in the store to get a slice anytime you’re feeling a little low. If you happen to be outside the state of Oregon, we would love to ship our cheesecake directly to your door.

We have many options of Cheesecakes to Ship available, some even without sugar. It’s a well-known fact that keto diets cannot have sugar in it, however that doesn’t mean our keto cheesecake option is not as well. There are other natural substitutions for sugar that are still sweet without you having to consume sugar itself. We have testimonials from people who have tried these types of cheesecake and really enjoyed it, and have not been able to find cheesecake such as this. We are gourmet for a reason, and more importantly we are America’s favorite cheesecake for a reason as well. Real American people, love real American ingredients.

For the best Cheesecakes to Ship be sure you save our experience for last. We’re so confident in our award-winning quality, that we know once you’ve had our cheesecake you won’t be going back to anybody else’s. We take the time to source quality ingredients and produce gourmet quality recipes including toppings and garnishes. We know that the people we serve can choose any other location I go to, but they choose us because we’re the best in the business. We stand by The fact that we do not settle for anything less than quality And by doing this, we have never let our customers down.

Something is decadent as our gourmet cheesecakes need to be savored bite by bite. And we are happy to give you exactly what you’re asking for. It’s a well-known fact that one of America’s favorite desserts is cheesecake, but finding a great cheesecake is a whole other thing entirely. Now that we have the ability of being able to ship it right to your door, there’s no excuses for you to get a dose of the best cheesecake ever created in America. And we stand by that fully. Sourcing the best quality products has truly been a joy for us to be able to be more part of the community spawning the local economy.

If you’re interested in hearing our grassroots story please feel free to click our website here And when you’re ready to jump start your blood sugar feel free to give us a call at 503-383-9323 and speak to our very own cheesecake therapist today. We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve you and all of your delicious memorable events, and taste bud tickling.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Breakfast of Champions

When you eat Cheesecakes to Ship for breakfast, you are eating like a champion. We have the best gourmet cheesecake available in all of America, and now we are able to ship it directly to your door. There are many days that Americans are eating a sugary breakfast with either cereal, Continental breakfast, or even oatmeal. If we’re going to eat like that, there’s no difference in going ahead and eating something as gourmet as delicious award-winning cheesecakes. These cheesecakes are hands down the best, and our customers give us rave review testimonials each and every day from it.

You would be amazed to find out that our Cheesecakes to Ship have every food group available to it. This makes it a well-rounded option for breakfast. Pair our award-winning cheesecake with an excellent cup of coffee and you will be sure to be at your best all day long. How can you possibly have a bad day with award-winning gourmet cheesecake? It’s well known that cheesecake utilizes cream cheese and in some cases sour cream which gives us that dairy element, the meat food group is comprised with eggs, the crust encompasses the grain, fruits and vegetables can be found in the toppings available for all of our flavors and lastly even the food group of fat is found with the sugar. Not only do our toppings have fruit options, but nuts are considered a legume.

We hope to win you over to Cheesecakes to Ship and add you to our customer list. We treat all of our customers like family and ensure that they’re satisfaction is guaranteed. Being a highly rated gourmet cheesecake bakery, we’re in good company to have lots of satisfied customers. We ensure that each and every special order is taken with additional care to ensure every detail is meant to the ability that we have available to us. As we cannot accommodate every single customization, we go out of our way to do what we can for each request. Having as high a standard of customer service as we do our recipes and source ingredients is more than important to us.

Sometimes, even though we don’t like to admit it, our three time awarded gourmet cheesecakes made fresh every single day with the freshest ingredients possible is our breakfast. How can you ever get tired of cheesecake? After all, it’s cheesecake! If you’re like me you’re getting excited just thinking about it, and you’re also getting excited to pair that cheesecake with the best cup of coffee you can find. The great thing is, you don’t have to come into Silverton Oregon for that, we can ship it directly to your door. And we are more than happy to be able to accommodate.

All of this and more can be found online at our amazing website We want to make sure all your needs are taken care of, so if you need a more personal approach to your cheesecake, or if you just like talking directly to a person, feel free to dial 503-383-9323 today. We want to be just as excited as you are.