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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Flavors


If you were in the market for Cheesecakes to Ship, look no further than beloved Cheesecakes. We are capable of shipping full size cheesecakes directly to your door anywhere in the United States. We have available on our website to order 12 options of cheesecake flavors to satisfy your taste buds and we are looking to expand these flavors everyday. Our quality is second to none and this is what has given us the title of being America’s favorite cheesecake. Because we truly have a passion for baking, every order is treated with the utmost care. This is what keeps us being a unique and flavorful experience.

The most unique and flavorful Cheesecakes to Ship are available right here. We have been an award-winning flavor experience for 3 years in a row. If you can’t decide on a flavor we have two sampler options so that you can fulfill all your flavor cravings. The Cheesecake Sampler allows you to choose four different flavors which can each be cut into three servings giving you 12 full servings from one cheesecake. If that is still not exciting enough for your pallet, we have an Ultimate Cheesecake Sampler that will give you one of every single flavor that we have to offer. If this is your first time, we highly recommend the ultimate cheesecake sampler.

Creating unique flavors of Cheesecakes to Ship is our true passion. The flavors available on our website are tried, tested and proved to be the favorites and the best options available. We are always in the lab attempting to concoct a new recipe. If you are in the local area, we also have other products not available for shipping. Such as cheesecake pops, cheesecake bite, and we have all flavors of cheesecake in a mini option, as well as sliced options. At this time we are unable to ship mini or single slice options. We always invite you to visit our charming city and experience astounding customer service along with our award-winning flavors.

Being the best cheesecake in the business has It was pretty busy at times. But we are never too busy to hear a customer out about a flavor option, or how they truly enjoyed the product. We have worked for years to perfect the recipes that you see available, and this is what makes us the best. We do not take the title of being America’s favorite cheesecake lightly, and we aim to keep that title while our doors are still open. Because we’ve been the best for so long, we are aware of what makes an award-winning formula for guaranteeing our customers are satisfied from the first bite.

If you would like to see pictures of cheesecakes that look better than any cheesecake you’ve ever seen in your entire life, head over to our website at and take a look through our full menu. It’s guaranteed to get your mouth watering. If you have a special event coming up and require a customized cake or delivery, feel free to give us a call at 503-383-9323.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Delicious Memories

If your family’s love language is food, then you definitely have to check out Cheesecakes to Ship for your next delicious memorable event. Every event in our family is remembered by the food that we eat. From the time that I was a little girl to now all of our memorable experiences of riddled with amazing food. Sometimes my mother cooked it, sometimes it was me, and there are yet other times when we ordered catered food for special moments. Ordering a cheesecake from beloved cheesecakes, is one of those special delicious memories that we desire to be a part of. And we are confident you will enjoy it too.

Most people have a chain restaurant where they can receive a cake anytime they want to, however trying our Cheesecakes to Ship Will change your life. And we mean it. Each and every bite will remind you of your reason for living such an amazing life. It will take you to the beach of your happy place. Memories create the fabric of our life of who we are and who we will become, we hope you will choose us to become a memory in your lifetime for any special events that you may have. We are thankful for being able to have the ability to ship our amazing product directly to your door so you can enjoy the deliciousness of cheesecake for your event.

Ordering and enjoying our Cheesecakes to Ship is a simple process. It can either be done over the phone or online, whichever one you prefer for your convenience. There are many flavors you can choose from and if you are not certain of one single flavor, we suggest ordering a sampler where you can try multiple flavors at one time. The same quality of service is taken for our shipped cakes as are in store cakes, created by hand each and every day. We do not overproduce our cakes because the highest quality is the freshest quality. All of our customers deserve to have the freshest quality cheesecake available to them, especially when we ship.

The truth is we create our business with you, the customer in mind. We highly recommend utilizing such a unique and flavorful product as what we have here. With the ability to be able to receive our cakes right at your door, there’s no reason for you to miss out on this amazing flavorful opportunity. If you are a foodie, and we know you are, not only are we confident you will enjoy our cheesecakes, but we guarantee satisfaction through the whole slice. We invite you to enjoy the freshest cheesecake in the business. And we also invite you, to let us know how it all tasted.

Our website is an astounding beginning to get more familiar with what we have to offer. Clicking through the menu, we know your mouth will be watering and eager to taste our award winning cheesecakes. Give us a call at 503-383-9323 if there are special requests for specific days.