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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Flavor Science


When it comes to our Cheesecakes to Ship, we mean serious business. Our signature flavors have been handcrafted and made gourmet every single day since the day that we opened our doors. Even before that if you count all the fundraisers we’ve been a part of. Well the names of these flavors may seem familiar, but we guarantee there is absolutely no comparison once you’ve eaten a single bite of one of our cheesecakes. We have our flavors down to a science, and we truly enjoy watching your face when you try our cheesecake for the first time. In fact, our website and Google business profiles are filled with satisfied customers beating down our door to tell others about the most enjoyable experience they had.

We guarantee our Cheesecakes to Ship are the best thing you’ve ever put into your mouth. That’s saying a lot considering the majority of us eat at least three times a day not including snacks. Once you try our gourmet cheesecakes we know there will be a symphony of joy in your mouth. This is exactly what we attempt to recreate for every single customer every single day. Even when we ship our amazing cheesecakes right to your door, we ensure top notch quality by producing the cheesecake you order when you order it, including the amazing gourmet toppings, We shrink wrap the cheesecake, place it lovingly in an insulated box, and pack everything up with excitement and either ice packs or dry ice to ensure freshness up to the time it hits your doorstep.

One thing that makes our Cheesecakes to Ship The best in the business, is our ability to recreate an award winning recipe over and over. The only way we are able to do that is by turning the flavor profile into a science. We have that science down pat. And it shows with every testimonial we receive. We have raving fans that have been making our cheesecakes part of their special moments from the first moment they tried are gourmet cheesecakes. This is why we take pride in creating our cheesecakes fresh each and every day. This is really the only way that you can ensure quality, and that’s why it’s part of our business model.

If you were to ask any sports great, or business genius, what makes them so consistent and great, I’m sure you will hear something like practice. We as humans don’t enjoy doing the same task over and over again, but the fact of the matter is that’s how you become the best. We have not only placed the man hours, but we’ve put in the effort to make sure we know the level of quality our customers are expecting from us. The truth is, we expect far more from ourselves. Delivering award-winning quality each and every time is of the utmost importance to us And we hope it shows whenever you take a bite of our cheesecake.

We are 100% confident that you will be part of our raving fans that truly enjoy every bite of our award-winning signature flavors of gourmet cheesecake. That’s why we invite you to become part of the heart that is help does become America’s favorite cheesecake. Make sure to click on our website to see which signature flavor you would like to try first. If it’s hard for you to make up your mind, we offer a sampler pack, and if that still doesn’t do it for you feel free to give us a call at 503-383-9323 So one of our cheesecake professionals can assist you with this life-changing decision.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Helping people is our main mission

Each and every time we produce Cheesecakes to Ship It is our mission to help people improve their lives in some capacity. The owner, Jen, was going to school for social work before she open the doors of this bakery. In fact, she put off opening the doors of this bakery for a long time because she wanted a job in the field of social work. The fact of the matter is that every time someone takes a bite of her gourmet signature flavor cheesecake, she is helping someone. And that’s what it’s all about. And it’s the best tasting social work one could ever do.

Jen soon found out that Cheesecakes to Ship helped people create amazing memories by giving others the opportunity to taste heaven. And it also created an environment for people with barriers to be able to live a productive life and have a career. Baking, and customer service, are skill sets that her present in every business. Even if your business isn’t banking, there’s a system or recipe that needs to be followed to ensure success. By allowing people who have barriers to have a career, we are giving back and helping trauma survivors, people with developmental disabilities, or other environmental barriers be able to feel productive. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

We have also been able to help the community with Cheesecakes to Ship by being part of fundraisers to help non-profit organizations and charities raise money to further their cause. What once was given away for free as gifts of appreciation, has now set a record by being auctioned off for $906 for one single cheesecake. That’s the proof that our flavor is second to none and the gold standard in cheesecakes. We have countless testimonials and reviews, but more importantly, America really loves us. We are America’s favorite cheesecake. And we did that by consistently delivering on our promises.

Ultimately, coming to this job and creating cheesecakes is what we do. But honestly, it’s the cover for something much more. What we do is help people to realize heaven is just a taste away. Every bite enforces that fact, with ooey gooey deliciousness and a smooth creamy textured cheesecake. We promise that every bite you take will make you dance. It always starts in your mouth, then goes to your tummy, and comes out in your whole body wiggling with delight.

If you would like to try one of our award-winning cheesecakes, don’t delay. Head over to our website by clicking and take a look at our full menu which is chocked full of delightful images for you to drool over. Even if you short out your computer, we have you covered by offering a phone number for you to dial. We promise that when you dial 503-383-9323 you will be connected to a cheesecake professional. A real person will answer the phone and take all your concerns into consideration before changing your life one bite at a time.