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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Fancy your tastebuds


There’s nothing we enjoy more with our Cheesecakes to Ship than tangling up your taste buds and giving it a run for its money. We truly enjoy taking your pallet to another level. This does not end only in the recipe, but in giving every customer top notch customer service and bringing heavenly vibes to young and old with smiling faces. This is what keeps us winning awards year after year in our local area. We hope to win an award in your hearts. We are eager to prove to you why we are America’s favorite cheesecake for the past 3 years.

We are proud to offer Cheesecakes to Ship as part of our service. It expands our local award-winning shop to a national level. We are now able to offer our unique cheesecake experience to those around the nation who also may be celebrating birthdays, church gatherings, family cookouts, corporate events, wedding receptions or even anniversaries. The truth is when is there a time not to enjoy a cheesecake? The answer to that is never. While we do have unique and delicious cakes, what keeps us going is our astounding customer service. There’s no way to eat something sweet and delicious without having somebody treat you sweet and delicious as well.

Allow our Cheesecakes to Ship to be a part of your one of a kind event. Everyone will truly enjoy a taste of heaven. All of your guests will be talking about this experience for years to come. Your event will be a delicious memory etched forever in their minds. And chances are when they’re ready to have an event of their own, they’re going to ask where you got that cheesecake from. In our experience, once you’ve had a bite of our delicious award-winning cheesecake, you’ll be ranting and raving about it for years to come. Or until the next time you order a cheesecake.

We are America’s favorite cheesecake, and we don’t take that lightly. We know it’s because we take the time to prepare these gourmet cheesecakes fresh each and every day. This is a quality standard that we will not bend on. One bite, and we know that you will fall in love and will never want to try another cheesecake again. We hope to be part of your next event, and each of it after that. It will be a great honor to be a tradition for your family events moving forward. We love to delight our customers, and we look forward the serving you with a delicious bite of heaven.

We have a beautiful website which is almost as delicious as our cake slices themselves. It showcases a lot of customer testimonials as well as a full pictured menu for the purpose of making your mouth water. We hope to hear from you so that we can satisfy your need for a unique taste experience. Give us a call at 503-383-9323 So we can ship out our award winning cheesecake to you today

Cheesecakes to Ship | Story about a slice of heaven

Our ability of Cheesecakes to Ship came about on a whim. By following the voice of God after a very trying time, I learned to utilize resources I was given in order to make money on the side to support my family. My ability to debate has always been there and when I was given a flat of blackberries I didn’t know what else to do besides make cheesecakes. Those cheesecakes were given to teachers as Christmas presents, which turned into other people ordering cheesecakes and asking me to go into business for myself. I wanted nothing to do with that as I didn’t feel I had the support system I needed in my life.

When you’re called by God to create Cheesecakes to Ship, no matter how hard you try, you’re not running from his call. I completed what I thought was my mission to become a social worker by receiving my bachelor’s degree in social work and I interned with criminal justice. After graduation doors did not open in this field, but cheesecake just kept on opening doors. People in businesses began ordering left and right. Word spread fast and I quickly became the cheesecake lady. Though I resisted as long as I could, it quickly became evident when I found a space downtown that opening a cheesecake shop was my next endeavor. Once I inquired, a Kickstarter was started for me and the local community got behind me and supported the opening of my shop.

A true testament of how Cheesecakes to Ship came about is how everything I truly needed to start my unrealized dreams was provided for and fell into my lap. Only God knows how this happened. When we finally had our grand opening, we had a line all the way down the sidewalk. Soon after opening a local resort and many restaurants began requesting we start stocking our cheesecake for them. This truly is a testimony of listening to the voice of God over your idea of perfection for your life.He truly had a plan for my life I was completely unaware of. One thing is for sure, your talent surely can make room for you.

The one thing I was unsatisfied about is that I had this education that I was unable to use. This soon changed when I had the idea to integrate social work into my new bakery. The idea was to hire people with known barriers. People that’s society may have already given up on, but still needed to feel part of society. Individuals that may be trauma survivors, various forms of abuse in their backgrounds as well as disabilities. We called it providing cheesecake therapy to the community, and even put it on our business cards. Just writing that makes me smile.

We have this story in detail on our website at Be sure to read this entire story as well as how we give back to our community to get a better idea of our company as a whole. When you are ready to be part of our customer base, feel free to give us a call at 503-383-9323.