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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Everyone deserves to be loved


When you think about Cheesecakes to Ship We are sure you’re not thinking the love of Christ can be shared and a cheesecake, but you would be sadly mistaken. When you love people the way that the owner, Jen loves people, it truly warms her heart when her cheesecakes are given as gifts. That’s exactly how she started producing gourmet cheesecakes to begin with. It’s often that when her Cheesecakes are given at a fundraising auction, they often go to the highest bidder, sometimes upwards of $850. Sometimes, when Jen tells her story additional fundraising monies are given. Jen’s mission is to provide cheesecake therapy to anyone in need, because to her “everyone deserves to be loved.” And what better way to show it than through cheesecake.

Many local non-profit organizations, schools, churches, camps and even political fundraisers have all been touched by Cheesecakes to Ship. Just to name a few there are many sports at Silverton unified School district, restoring organ men, freedom Business fellowship, country Christian School, habitat for humanity and many more. Every time you purchase from Beloved Cheesecakes, you are supporting the mission of cheesecake therapy for all. There’s no need to hold back when love can be given one bite at a time. It’s our belief that you can’t out give a giver, and this is exactly why we donate and sponsor many churches, schools and political fundraisers within our communities.

As a quality member of our community, Cheesecakes to Ship Make everything better. And that’s a fact. We didn’t become America’s favorite cheesecake by happenstance, we did this by paying attention to quality, giving a standing service, and understanding that we are actually part of a bigger mission of this country. Our faith in God has given us countless opportunities to show time and time again what he truly can do for you if you choose to believe in him without fear. If anyone gives you a slice of this cheesecake just know that you are truly loved and appreciated. It says if God himself gave you a slice of heaven.

We love every opportunity to be able to showcase why we are America’s favorite cheesecake. We ensure all of our gourmet cheesecakes are created fresh every single day. We only ship twice a week, so if you have a special event coming up where you need it to be delivered on a specific day, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can make that happen for you. Often, especially if it’s the first time, it’s very difficult to decide on one flavor. That’s why we have the option of several samplers. If you’ve been at any event where we are being served, we know that it’s a treat you will never forget.

Head over to our website at  where we know that you’ll be more than satisfied with the pictures and the testimonials that you see and hear there. Anytime you’re ready give our cheesecake professionals a call at 503-383-9323 where we serve cheesecake therapy one slice at a time.



Cheesecakes to Ship | Goal of Giving Back

If you purchase Cheesecakes to Ship, know that you are part of a bigger mission. This mission from owner Jen, started even before she opened her doors. She often gave away her award-winning cheesecakes as gifts to family and friends And this is what she calls cheesecake therapy. She is so adamant about this fact, that on her business cards her title is cheesecake therapist. I don’t know about you but that’s the kind of therapy I can get behind. Before her career as a baker, Jen received a bachelor’s degree in social work. So her passion is always in helping people see the better side of life.

By being part of Cheesecakes to Ship You are responsible for helping people understand that they are loved. Especially when they don’t feel deserving of it. Every bite of our cheesecake tastes like it was created on the heavenly clouds directly underneath a rainbow showcase in God’s promises. Who knew that giving away cheesecakes to her son’s teachers will turn into such an influential way of providing therapy to many. Who knew that cheesecake would give people such joy. This is exactly why we continue to do what we do and remain America’s favorite cheesecake. Which is always created fresh every single day.

Our number one Cheesecakes to Ship is the salted caramel cheesecake, not only is it our number one to ship but it’s her number one in store. We have customers who have tried every single flavor, and we also have customers who utilize our services as a secret weapon from memorable events. It gives us great joy to be part of special events. It gives us greater joy to help raise money for charitable organizations in need. The record for our cheesecakes being auctioned during your fundraiser is $906. That is so amazing. We never knew someone would be willing to pay that amount for our cheesecakes.

When it comes to giving back, that’s the one thing that we love doing more than opening our doors. If we could be a complete non-profit we would, but that’s just not how capitalism works. Jen loves to be a beacon of hope for anyone who is experiencing a less than desirable history. One thing for sure, Jen is no victim, and she will never make you feel that way. What she will do is offer her story as testimony, and her cheesecake is therapy. Always free to every customer, is a warm smile and hug. Partnered with a tasty heavenly bite of cheesecake is the best therapy a customer can ask for, and probably far cheaper than a therapist too.

Be sure to reach out to us on our website  to take a look at a full menu as well as read Jen’s story as many times as you need to. When you’re ready to talk to a real person give us a call at 503-383-9323 where one of our cheesecake professionals is waiting to make your day sweet.