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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | Diverse Menu


Here at Beloved Cheesecakes, we have a large variety of Cheesecakes to Ship. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Salted Caramel whole cheesecake, as it is a fan favorite. We have this cheesecake in our inventory year-round, so that you never have to go without it! We have several other amazing options such as peanut butter finger, white chocolate raspberry, sampler, and so many more. not to mention we have adorable mini cheesecakes as well. This includes many of the same flavors, in an adorable 4 inch diameter. If you’re looking for something even more adorable and delicious, we have cheesecake bites in the shape of a heart which come in a pack of four or a pack of 20.

Our whole Cheesecakes to Ship are remarkably delicious and filling! a vast variety of flavors for you to choose from including salted caramel cheesecake, key lime, chocolate, lemon, oreo, and we’re only getting started. If you’re interested in ordering delicious whole cheesecakes, we would be more than happy to do that for you. whether you would like to order over the phone or on our website we’d be happy to accommodate for the cheesecake that you want. We also have the option for creating custom orders for cheesecake if you would so prefer, we’ll do our best to accommodate to the specifications that you desire.

and if you’re looking for some adorable Mini Cheesecakes to Ship, beloved cheesecakes is the way to go. These mini cheesecakes measure 4 in diameter and are perfect size. Please note that if you do decide to order a mini cheesecake that there will need to be at least 3 minis in order to ship directly to your door in the United States of america. Each of these shipments are shipped with ice packs or dry ice in a specialty insulated box. Of course if your order is shipped with dry ice, do not touch it with bare hands. I would also highly recommend the mint chocolate chip mini cheesecake with the incredible Oreo cookie crust topped with a chocolate ganache as well as whipped cream

Last but not least we have our incredible Cheesecake bites. Each of these are handmade in the shape of a heart With remarkable options to choose from. you can get it plain dipped, peanut butter, sprinkles, double chocolate, keto, vegan, and more! whichever option you go for, keep in mind you will need to purchase a minimum of three packs of four or one box of 20 in order to ship. If you arrive at our in store location in Albany, Oregon you will be able to purchase whatever amount you want.

It’s a no-brainer, with such an incredibly diverse and delicious menu, beloved cheesecakes are the best option on the market. Every cheesecake is handmade from scratch so you don’t get all the disgusting preservatives that other companies offer without a second thought. If you’re interested in ordering cheesecakes today please contact us at 541-220-0823 and let us know what exactly you’re looking for, and we would be happy to accommodate you. Also you can visit our website at And check out all the different varieties that we have today.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Cheesecake Therapy

When you support our beloved Cheesecakes to Ship, You’re supporting those who are able to receive cheesecake therapy. that’s right you heard me correctly, Cheesecake therapy is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who would like to work at beloved cheesecakes Who may have barriers that not everybody else has. this includes individuals with disabilities, backgrounds, trauma survivors Etc., one of the first employees at beloved cheesecakes was autistic. He was such a joy to have working for us. When you support beloved cheesecakes you’re supporting more than just a small business, but also those who have some of these barriers, because they are able to work in an environment that is welcoming for them and where they can provide you with the best cheesecake you’ve ever eaten in your life!

The owner, Jen, created these beloved Cheesecakes to Ship after a long history of Desiring to be a social worker. it became clear that God was opening the door for her to expand her cheesecake business, rather than entering the field of criminal justice. evidently cheesecake ended up being an Avenue for us to pursue this path of helping those in need. was going great until the global pandemic in March of 2020, which brought things to a bit of a halt. but at a certain point she had to listen to God and open our doors back up. The title on Jen’s business cards is cheesecake therapist.

Deciding to accept all individuals interested in Cheesecakes to Ship proved to endorse some blowback from the community. Jen made the decision to accept masks or maskless, vaxxed or vaxedless, whatever gender someone identifies with, whatever religion, race, political affiliation, you name it. The bottom line is that we want to serve cheesecake and we love people. many in the community didn’t like that, but we persevered.Log into this beloved cheesecake is an environment where everybody is welcome, we do not discriminate.

beloved cheesecake is also an incredible company to work for because we have an incredible staff full of upbeat and positive, encouraging people who are eager to help you learn and grow. AR cheesecake is second to none because we choose handmade ingredients, and we do not cut Corners like other companies do. We don’t flood our cheesecake with preservatives, but we hand make every ingredient and we ensure the best quality we have with express 2-day shipping to anywhere in the United states. Instead of cutting Corners like these other companies, we hold true to what we believe in.

If you’re interested in ordering some of our beloved cheesecakes or if you’re interested in working for us, give us a call at 541-220-0823. We trust that your decision to choose beloved cheesecakes will be the sweetest decision you’ve ever made. and if you want more information about our story and the kind of options that we offer, check out our website at And you’ll be able to learn a lot more about this wonderful company. Have a slice of heaven today!