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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | deliver cheesecakes


You’re going to love the cheesecakes that Cheesecakes to Ship is able to deliver you. The best part about their services is that they know that it is hard to go pick up a cheesecake we’re scheduled to be able to pick it up. They know that you have to take time out of your day to get in the car and go pick up your cake. They want to eliminate this, so they’re able to deliver it and ship your cheesecakes to you. They know that if you’re in the area they can locally deliver the cheesecakes to you, and if you live far away they’ll be able to ship it. This eliminates any hassle that you will have to face by picking up your cheesecakes when you want them. you’ll be able to have them at your doorstep and you’ll be very satisfied with the condition. all of their delivery is done very safely and won’t damage the cheesecake. you won’t have to worry about a crushed cheesecake when they deliver because they go through a lot of precautions to make sure that it gets to your doorstep in one piece.

The cheesecakes that they deliver at Cheesecakes to Ship are extremely tasty as well. They handcraft and hand make every cheesecake and you are guaranteed to have a cheesecake made from scratch. you’re going to have the best quality cheesecake. Are they able to cater the cheesecake to fit your needs? they can add gluten or take away gluten, they can add very filling, they could do much more. The best part about the case that they make is the whip cream in the cross. you’re able to have the most amazing, rich whipped cream that will be able to melt in your mouth. you’ll be able to have amazing whipped cream on your cheesecake as you partake of it.

The crust that they make at Cheesecakes to Ship is amazing as well. they’re all handmade and all taste super good. you’ll be able to benefit amazingly from these crosses and you’ll be able to have such a pleasant experience as you try your cheesecake. These crusts are built last, and they won’t be crumbly or broken when they arrive on your doorstep. They also have a wide variety of cheesecakes to ship, if you want one of their specialty flavors you can surely ask for it. don’t wait to ask for a cheesecake or to deliver one. If you want to try cheesecake that everyone is talking about then go visit the website or give them a call.

Whether you visit the store or give him a call, they will always be sure to offer you the most amazing customer service. They Pride themself in their customer service and note that each piece of cheesecake is like a piece of heaven on earth. They want to bless the lives of all their customers and the value of all their customers. They know that they will be able to carry a lot of the flavors of cheesecake they have year round to satisfy all the needs around you. This is important because you know that people care about your taste buds and care about how you value your cheesecake.

You’re going to love how they deliver cheesecakes. you’re going to absolutely love how they’re able to put the cheesecake at your door and how you were going to be able to eat it the next day. you won’t have to worry about going to pick up cheesecake, if you want to find out more visit or call at 541-220-0823.

Cheesecakes to Ship | cheesecake delivery

Everyone knows that the best cheesecake delivery in the area is Cheesecakes to Ship. you’ll be able to have the most amazing, award-winning cheesecake delivered to your doorstep. you won’t have to worry about going in the shop or scheduling a time to meet up and pick up your cake. they’ll be able to accommodate your every need and they’ll be able to ship the cheesecake right to your door. Whether you live in the area or far away, they’ll be able to deliver or ship that cheesecake to you. This is very important because it takes time out of their day to make sure that you can focus on things that matter. you won’t have to worry about focusing on going up to pick up the cheesecake, you’ll be able to focus on working or doing whatever you need to do.

There’s so many different flavors and options of Cheesecake to pick from. They have eight signature flavors thatCheesecakes to Ship and carry these year round. you’ll be able to place an order for the future if you have a special day or an event coming up. They can also care for big events and will provide a lot of Cheesecake for you guys. If you want to see other people’s opinions on cheesecake, you can go visit their testimonial site or see the reviews. A lot of people left positive reviews and have left reviews on the value of their cheesecake. their value is amazing as everything is made from hand in the kitchen

You can also have custom wedding cake orders if you want at Cheesecakes to Ship. They’re super skilled and are able to offer cakes and orders for quite some time. they’ll be able to help you out with any or that you need. if you need help with your new wedding cake you’ll be able to confide with them. This is important because wedding cakes are expensive and they can be very hard to make. The people here have been making a case for quite some time and they know how to make a good cake. They also know how to decorate cakes and you can see some of the decorations in their picture gallery. a lot of garnishes are used and they make the cakes look amazing.

You will definitely be able to see some of the amazing products that they’ve been able to produce. go check out the gallery or check out the testimonials. you can also check out their social media as a post for your regularly to their social media pages. you will be able to see past wedding orders that have been baked, decorated, and delivered. This is really good because you don’t have to worry about your wedding cake on your big day. you’ll be able to have the peace of mind that you’ve always wanted on your wedding day and you’ll be able to not worry about your cake as much.

If you’re chilly wanting the best cake service in the area, then visit them right away. you’ll be able to call them or visit the website. You can check out the testimonials at or call at 541-220-0823.