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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

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Do you enjoy cheesecake? Are you a big dessert fan? Do you live in Oregon? No worries if you don’t, we can still get cheesecake straight to you with our Cheesecakes to ShipTest test straight to your door in just two days. I don’t think you had the best cheesecake you ever had in your whole life until you had ours. we take such passion and pride into making our cheesecakes that we truly believe that it is like experiencing A Slice of Heaven every time you enjoy a slice of our beloved cheesecake. And What better service to be able to receive a slice of Heaven straight to your door.

Our beloved cheesecake is handcrafted down to the crust. we can make our crust and our cheese fillings, even our whipped creams and toppings are handmade. we also make homemade Berry sauces fresh everyday in our kitchen. which really take pride in making our wonderful cheesecakes so get your Cheesecakes to Ship today. our cheesecakes are available to ship, deliver, or even pick up in the store if you are in the area. we do make a convenient for people to enjoy our cheesecakes nationwide. it takes two days for our cheesecake to arrive to your door. We offer quality customer service in person and over the phone.

Our cheesecake is so popular and loved that one time we sold our best-selling flavor, salted caramel at a school auction for $906! you know it has to be really good cheesecake somebody’s going to buy it for $906. our life changing teeth cake are Little Slice of Heaven can be yours too! order your Cheesecakes to Ship and get to choose from one of our many different flavors that we have to offer. we carry eight different flavors of cheesecake year round the flavors that we carry are salted caramel, lemon, oreo, New York style, chocolate, oreo, key lime, peanut butter finger, and white chocolate raspberry. The Salted Caramel is our best-selling people really tend to love it. we really think that you are going to love it too. our company also offers the rotating seasonal flavors everybody loves those rotating seasonal flavors so get them while they’re in. the seasonal flavors that we offer are pumpkin,marionberry, white chocolate peppermint, mint chocolate chip, and many more. those are special time addition flavors, but even if it’s not holiday season we think that you’ll love any of the eight flavors that we also carry year round.

Pick your desired flavor and Order your Cheesecakes to Ship today your first order would be 10% off. Don’t miss out on America’s favorite cheesecake!

what better deal to get your favorite dessert ship straight to your door I mean really, Cheesecakes to Ship! how convenient and how delicious look at your options on the website at or call at 503-383-9323 and place your order now. don’t miss out on a slice of Heaven.

Cheesecakes to Ship | Straight to your door

How did beloved cheesecakes come to be and how did we grow to be able to get our Cheesecakes to Ship? Beloved cheesecakes started out very small, so small in fact it was just a little side Hustle. little that I know that people really love my cheesecakes Word of Mouth spread and people began to ask me for more orders. The orders became so high and demand I decided to go ahead and open up my business which is called beloved cheesecakes now.Little did I know that something so small starting out on my own kitchen would turn into something so large. my cheesecakes became so high and demand that people from across the country have been wanting them and have been sending me orders for them and now I ship my cheesecakes nationwide. I never would have thought that I would have been doing business in cheesecakes and have been this successful with my recipes. I believe that every person really can taste the love that I put into my cheesecakes that is why I call them little slices of heaven. I was blessed by God and my journey into making beloved cheesecakes and now I want to give back and be able to provide my community cheesecake therapy.

Cheesecakes to Ship! Cheesecakes to ship! My cheesecakes are so high in demand that I have to be able to ship my cheesecakes to customers across the nation. being America’s favorite Cheesecake is great and I love being able to deliver my cheesecakes to my customers nationwide. being able to spread little slices of heaven everywhere is really satisfying.

Our wonderful owner Jen who created beloved cheesecakes also has a reason to give back. Jenna’s been able to create her company so large that she offers Cheesecakes to Ship. her give back is that she would like to be able to donate to sponsors and countless communities. Jen gives back to restoring organ now, freedom business Fellowship, Silverton High School wrestling, Silverton unified basketball, Community Roots Charter School, Butte Creek Elementary, SACA Silverton Area Community aid, prom dress drive, country Christian school, the river church, habitat for humanity, pratum Elementary School, Living Waters of hope, because people matter, Turner elementary, Scotts Mills Elementary, Silverton senior center, St Regis Catholic School, share the love Molalla. and how does Jen get this money to be able to give back? the cheesecakes that have been auctioned from $600 and above all go back to these organizations. Jen is a really caring individual and she really loves to be able to help and give back to people. it has been a lifelong passion to be able to make an impact in the lives of others. before starting her journey in Beloved cheesecakes Jen was on her journey to being a social worker, but God had other plans for her.

I’m going to taste of some of America’s favorite Cheesecake. if you’re not located in Oregon then get your Cheesecakes to Ship. Again it is 10% off of your first order! don’t miss out on America’s favorite cheesecake, don’t miss out on a little slice of heaven.

You can check out the images of her delicious looking cheesecake on the website for her Cheesecakes to Ship at or call at 503-383-9323 to place your order now.