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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | cheesecake pickup


If you’re looking for a high quality place to pick up your cheesecake, Cheesecakes to Ship is definitely the place to go. you’re going to be able to expect the most amazing customer service at the shop. They’ll even put out different pieces of cheesecake in the shop so you will be able to see the different flavors and varieties that they have. They are able to adopt all the different cheesecakes according to your desires and your wants. they’re able to customize orders and even if you want to ship a cheesecake, they’ll do the same for you. you’ll be greeted with the smiles you walk in and you’ll be greeted with samples or maybe even free slices of cheesecake. They offer a lot of different flavors and options of cheesecakes to pick up, ship, or even eat in. they want you to feel like you were in a home away from your home.

You’re going to be amazed by the environment that Cheesecakes to Ship has to offer. It is truly one of a kind and has been able to benefit many members of the community. One of the mission statements of the founders and the owners of the company is to bless the members of the community with a welcoming, friendly environment. They want all the members of the community to be able to pick up a piece of heaven that they offer with the cheesecake that they make. They make all their cheesecakes from scratch and have the most amazing whipped cream and crust.

Even if you haven’t had a cheesecake before, there are no worries. The cheesecakes at Cheesecakes to Ship are designed to make you fall in love with cheesecake. Even if you live far away from anywhere that makes cheesecake, you can have it shipped to you. they are able to maintain the state of the cheesecake, and you won’t be able to receive a broken cheesecake or cheesecake that is messed up or smeared. you always be sure that they will address any questions, comments, or concerns with their professional and pleasant service. They Pride themselves with their quality service and are available in person as well as over the phone for people who are calling in or ordering online.

They won’t do absolutely nothing for the best of you and your family, and are a god-centered company. they’re also family owned and family operated and they want people to establish relationships with them. They want people to be part of their family and they value every client as if they’re part of their family. they’re extremely family-based, and live their lives knowing that they can bless people’s lives. there’s truly no better feeling than eating a piece of cheesecake and feeling amazing. They know this feeling and are determined to help you have that feeling a lot.

Don’t wait to feel that feeling, go to the website or give him a call to make sure that you are receiving the absolute best service that you can receive today. To see more about the life of the less then go to their website at or call at 541-220-0823.

Cheesecakes to Ship | pickup cheesecake

If you’re looking for an amazing place for your cheesecake, go to Cheesecakes to Ship, they’ll be sure to help you out. They are able to cater to your needs and can cater for big parties if you want them to. they’re able to provide a wide variety of Cheesecake for a wide variety of different tastes. they’re able to garnish cheesecake according to your desires. they’re able to make each cheesecake according to your desires. If you don’t want them to cater, if you don’t want them to ship a cheesecake directly to you, you also have the option to go pick it up at their store or even eat that cheesecake in your store. This is very good because their stores are very nice and very neat. you’ll be welcome to the smile and maybe even with their free sample. you’ll be able to come in the most amazing high quality customer service that you can count on. They offer the highest quality of customer service and pride themselves with it. This is good because you’ll feel like you’re at home.

The mission statement at Cheesecakes to Ship is to serve God’s community, state, and nation and make people feel loved as they experience A Slice of Heaven every time they enjoy a piece of their cheesecake. This is very good because they clearly value customer service and are clearly wanting you to be able to try their cheesecake. They know that cheesecake is the best, but they want you to know their cheesecake is the best. they’re willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you have the most amazing experience and that you are getting all the help that you need.

Reach out to the best at Cheesecakes to Ship, they will be able to show you a high level of professionalism and be able to service you ever need. you’ll be able to count on people that care about your taste and who have a passion for satisfying your taste. you’ll be able to have an amazing experience as you learn about the different flavors and options of cheesecakes to pick up, ship, or deliver. they’re super committed to being able to satisfy you and will continue to work to be able to do it. You can always count on Amazing results from them.

Their shop is very amazing as they offer a lot of cheesecakes on display. You can see a lot of the different cheesecakes and even sample a lot of different ones to see which one is going to be the best fit for you. you’re able to eat them and they want you to feel like you were in a welcome, friendly environment. They’ll make sure that you feel like you are at home away from home and that you are having an amazing experience as you particularly like the cheesecake they offer you. don’t just take their word for it, go try them out.

For more information on the cheesecakes that they provide or on the services that they provide go check out their website. You can be sure to find amazing reviews and testimonials at or call at 541-220-0823 .