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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | america’s favorite cheesecake


Everyone knows that America’s favorite Cheesecake is found at Cheesecakes to Ship. This is for a variety of reasons, and they definitely are in the title. they provide the most amazing customer service and pride themselves with their customer service if they provide. they’re able to cater to your needs and are able to adapt their orders and customize the case based on what you want. They know that a lot of people have dietary restrictions and a lot of people have different preferences and taste buds. They know that they’re able to add whipped cream or change the crust or change the filling based on what you need or what you want. They offer gluten-free options along with other options as well.

They also offer gluten-free and keto options at Cheesecakes to Ship. you will truly not need another cheesecake service after you worked with them. they are going to give you full size cheesecakes, mini cheesecakes, or even cheesecake slices. This is the best part about them because it’s so adaptable to fit your needs. they’re also pretty cheap and you can guarantee amazing prices that live up to the value of the cheesecake. The cheesecake that you receive is going to greatly outweigh the cost. you’re going to feel amazing as you bite into the cheesecake and field Piece of Heaven on earth.

They’re also a super family-based company at Cheesecakes to Ship. I know that you deserve nothing but the best. They are able to help you receive all the best customer service and all the best cheesecake quality. If you have any questions about the quality then be sure to check out the website or give him a call and see how they make all of their things in house. they’re able to make everything fresh so that you have the best experience and so that they are able to gain a lifelong friend and a lifelong customer.

Right now if you’ve been registered, you’ll be able to receive a free piece of cake on your birthday. This is good because they clearly care about their clients. They also have a lot of deals and a lot of time and right now they’re having a special mother’s day. you will be able to receive a facial edition package with a free face mask if you sign up for Mother’s Day order. They are able to ship and deliver cheesecakes to your house which is very different. a lot of times you have to go and pick up the cheesecakes and take time out of your day to make sure that you have your cheesecake on time.

There they will be able to make sure that you have your cheesecake delivered to your doorstep. they will take very good care of your cheesecake and your cheesecake will be in perfect condition when it arrives. you can guarantee that they value their customer service and they value that their customer has a smile. for more information on their values or their services visit or call at 541-220-0823.

Cheesecakes to Ship | best menu

If you’re looking for the best menu in the business, everyone knows that you can find it at Cheesecakes to Ship. They are America’s cheesecake company, and they have been serving Americans and members of the community for quite some time. part of their mission statement is to bless God’s community, state, city, and country. They are able to bless every part of these as they are able to serve their cheesecake to a lot of different people. You don’t have to live in an area with a particular cheesecake, you can live far away and order one online. This is the best part about it, they can deliver cheesecake to your doorstep and you will have it shipped in perfect condition. They know that no matter where you live, everyone deserves a Piece of Heaven on earth, which is their cheesecake. They want everyone to have this piece of heaven and partake of God’s love as they’re able to try their cheesecake.

You’re going to have the most amazing cheesecake as you go to the menu at Cheesecakes to Ship. They truly believe that everyone is different, everyone has different taste buds. They know that everyone has different needs and can even have dietary restrictions. Because of this they can adopt our orders to meet the needs of the people that they service. they are able to make sure that people have gluten-free or keto options available to them. They can also add fruit filling and whipped cream and can garnish the cheesecakes in different ways. If you have a special wedding coming up, they are able to adopt the wedding cake and make a custom wedding cake for you.

They truly have a super diverse menu and offer all kinds of cheesecakes as well. One of the best reasons why Cheesecakes to Ship is so good is because they offer many cheesecakes as well. This is good because a lot of us can’t eat a whole cheesecake by ourselves. This gives us a chance to have a mini cheesecake and have a little more than a slice but not be too full. if you’re just wanting a little snippet of a cheesecake then this is perfect as you can order a piece of cheesecake and a slice will be delivered for you. you can have a slice over for you and you can also partake of a slice in their shop.

The location and their shop prize himself as everything is made from scratch. They have the crust, the whipped cream and even the fresh Berry sauce is made from scratch. you can assure yourself that they make everything homemade in their own kitchens. Even though they ship cheesecakes, they want a lot of Awards in their own area for having the best cheesecake. They have a lot of cheesecake and have a lot of varieties of cheesecake. you are always welcome to smile and you will always be able to see an amazing variety of cheesecakes and flavors at their stores. you’ll be able to have inspiration as you visit them and have an amazing experience.

They have amazing award-winning cheesecakes that you should not wait to try. you’ll be able to try amazing award-winning cheesecakes at their shop or by ordering online. to order online go to or call at 541-220-0823.