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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

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If you were looking for the best cheesecakes to ship then beloved cheesecakes is the option for you. We have a number of different products available for you and you’ll ever miss one of them. The first option that we have
Is the ultimate cheesecake sampler. So if you were having trouble deciding which cheesecake to get the ultimate cheesecake, sampler is the best choice for you. Is the cheesecake split into 12 different slices of amazing flavors. Each one of them includes the seasonal flavor so you can get the entire year’s worth of cheesecake in one order.

If you’re looking for the best cheesecakes to ship them below cheesecakes is where you need to be. Pick up for Beloved Cheesecakes is available and usually ready within 24 hours. We do have a shipping return policy and we recommend you take a look at it. Today’s shipping is $29 per cheesecake if you live in Hawaii or Alaska make sure that you look at the disk shipping options for your stay.

If you’re looking for the best cheesecakes to ship them, beloved cheesecakes are the choice for you. Just a note of cheesecake order for shipping. Do not come up with the decorated options because the toppings are fresh. The packaging insulation will not allow the toppings to be fresh so they will not be. You will be provided the toppings for the cheesecake as ordered without the whip cream. Also, it’s part of what we do. We do not offer refunds for the cheesecakes, but we do take responsibility for cheesecakes that are delivered incorrectly.

After you have looked at the ultimate cheesecake sampler, you can take a look at just the regular cheesecake sampler. This is a little more cost effective and gives you four different flavors. The flavors that are included are salted caramel, a white chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter, Butterfinger, and Oreo. You can also choose a couple other options and make sure you select four for the best choice for you. Some of the options we also have available are lemon, Keylime, New York and chocolate. There are so many flavors to choose from, so be sure to be selective. If you mess up your order, then you can always order again.

Visit or call 503-383-9323 to place your order. Whenever you visit the website go to the shop button so you can see what options we have. From there, you can choose the ideal shipping option for you and then wait for your delivery and enjoy. You will love the cheesecakes that we provide to the mission that we have here is to share the love of Jesus because everyone deserves to be loved. We do this by delivering outstanding customer service that is truly out of this world. Addition that you always end up with an amazing cheesecake so it is hard to be. You will love every single cheesecake that you get from all over cheesecake to place your order today so you can certainly enjoy them.

Cheesecakes to Ship | We Got That Oreo

If you’re looking for the best cheesecakes to ship and beloved cheesecake is where you need to be. Visit the website so you can see what Beloved Cheesecakes is all about. We recommend you visit the story button on our website, so you can see how Beloved Cheesecakes started. We are just to serve the beloved community, state and nation, because every person deserves to be loved. We do this with assorted slices of heaven. OK can you put that on the founder of Beloved Cheesecakes name is Jen she started the beloved cheesecake program from a domestic violence marriage that ended in 2014. During this time she had three boys and two, and in the winter of 2015, she was on the food share program.

For the best cheesecakes to ship might as well choose Beloved Cheesecakes, visit the website so you can see their incredibly inspiring story. I’ll let you go here during Christmas and Jen has no other options before gifts. She was given a Florida blackberry, and she made a black berry cheesecake for her son’s teacher. This just threw me a long way into making cheesecakes, a side hustle for Jen that proved to become a full-time business. Once people begin getting a taste of jeans, cheesecakes, they cannot get enough, and they begin telling people about them. From there, Jen opened a business, because it seemed like a natural next step.

For the best cheesecakes to ship Beloved Cheesecakes as a choice for you. After Jen graduated from Portland State in 2018 she had an internship for criminal justice. She tried to get into the field after graduating, but there are very few doors open. Because the cheesecakes that people were talking about the doors for Beloved Cheesecakes began to open. People started requesting the custom cheesecakes and from there the business group day by day. After the orders grew, Jen found a space in Silverton to start making more cheesecakes.

If you are passionate about supporting a good cause, and you love cheesecakes, and Beloved Cheesecakes has a place for you. After hearing stories, it’s impossible not to feel like this story was meant to be. God is certainly inspired. What is Beloved Cheesecakes and what it became today. From a tough pass, Jennifer, stronger than ever, and as a result, the world was blessed with beloved cheesecakes.

To begin the ordering process visit or call 503-383-9323 to shop. If you have any questions about the ordering process, feel free to give this number calling You on speaker from the customer service representative. You were going to love each and every single Beloved Cheesecake in the order. There are so many options, there are at least 40 different flavors and you need to try every single one. So start with your first order today and get the sampler, so you can try each seasonal package of flavoring. After that you can go one by one getting a full cheesecake of each flavor.