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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | you know you want to


you know you want to go ahead and order those Cheesecakes to Ship that you were thinking about earlier today I’m letting you know right now. This is going to be the best thing you’re going to do all day with all the flavors that we have to offer in our amazing flavor profile and is going to be the best decision you were going to be so happy that you read this because of how you found it and you were going to order and see how amazing your cheesecake can be.

We did something with Cheesecakes to Ship. It is something that our customers recommended. We do not know if it was ever going to work out but we worked delicately and wanted to make sure that we could deliver. That is what we do as our company. We make sure that we always doing things for customers because we have customers we do not have a happy business and we always wanna have a happy business so that means we do put you the customers

Here at Cheesecakes to Ship we really do care about our customers and take care of them like they are family. We want to make sure of any of their improvements or what they have to say. We do taken it because that is the kind of company we are and that is why they return to come to us because of this as well as our amazing cheesecake flavors this is been a amazing recipe that has been passed down and we do just keep adding on to make all of these amazing flavors for you, but it is always our original base. We do always keep back to our roots because that is what makes that cheesecake so delicious and we promised you you were not going to regret ordering cheesecake for us.

We hope that after reading all of this is going to make you feel more secure about ordering a cheesecake online with us because we are going to absolutely do the best job. We absolutely can. We are not going to let you down. We are going to make sure that that flavor that you were wanting from our amazing original cheesecake is still going to be there even though we are shipping it as soon as you mine a little bit more we are going to offer you a 10% discount code online with your first order this is something we wanted to do for amazing customers and making the process a little little bit easier.

You are going to be able to get that code on this website right here. This is going to be our main website that we use and upload frequently with new recipes as well as this phone number is also going to be a wonderful point of contact that you could also reach out to you if the website was not working out for you that phone number is going to be 541-220-0823. You will not be disappointed when you receive our cheesecakes.

Cheesecakes to Ship | best decision over cheesecake ever

We are forewarning you now this is really going to be the best decision deciding to get Cheesecakes to Ship to you this is just something that has revolutionized and changed our business. This is something that we never thought we were going to be able to do because we were never going to be this big but we have expanded so far and wide we have been on two reality TV shows, those shows include Fox and friends as well as every day Northwest. This is just the beginning for us. We are growing and growing people all over the world to try our amazing cheesecake and we are here to get it out now.

Promises always delivering the best Cheesecakes to Ship when we say the best that is absolutely what we are meaning we took our time and developing the most perfect way we can ship our amazing cheesecakes so that flavor is still staying in even though it is being shipped we want every cheesecake to still taste like it was just made because that is our standard standard we do not want to go below our standards. That is what we have our main standards here so we make sure we are always delivering the absolute most we can for our main customers.

Don’t doubt us hereCheesecakes to Ship. We guarantee you we’re going to be falling in love and then before you know, you were going to be telling all of your family and friends about us and but then before they knew what they’re going to be telling all of their family and friends because how that normally goes here because once people find out about our amazing cheesecake, they just can’t stop ordering they know when they go out or even at the store they’re never going to find anything closer just because our recipe is so special and it is so amazing that nobody can compare.

Just for amazing new customers, we are offering right now 10% off a new order online. This is going to be amazing because this is going to give me an opportunity to experience what it is going to be like if you were going to keep ordering cheesecakes over and over. Yes, they are that good. You’re going to be able to access that code online. I’m going to leave all the information you’re going to need below.

Here is the website you were going to need to get that as well as fill out a customer form online as well so we can send you a free slice of cheesecake certificate on your birthday. We want to make sure that you were all taken care of on your birthday here online website is as well as if you were more of a phone person. We also have a phone number. You can call to get some set up if you are needing additional help. That phone number is 541-220-0823.