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Our city's highest and most reviewed dessert


Silverton Bakery Birthday Cheesecake


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Beloved Cheesecakes Awards 2023

Cheesecakes to Ship | be loved by so many


We are loved so much for our amazing cheesecakes. We decided to make ready Cheesecakes to Ship out to our amazing customers who are not able to reach us by store. Yes, that is correct. We just now expanded to shipping cheesecakes. What does this mean for you? This means you were going to be blessed forever. You’re going to be blessed with the back of every day you get to wake up and you get the chance to order, one of our cheesecakes every single day yes every single day how are you if you get to do that these are gonna be the best every day

Cheesecakes to Ship some of our wonderful customers’ ideas . Customers believe it would be an amazing idea if we were to come up with something when we were able to get out many cheesecakes all over and that is what we created here. We have also explained our menu with our cheesecake flavors we have added New York cheesecake style cheesecake, chocolate, cheesecake, Keylime, cheesecake, lemon, cheesecake, Oreo, cheesecake, peanut butter, finger, cheesecake, and so many more we also have added flavor of the season where we change out every season to keep with the trend so we are keeping up with everything and all of our customers needs.

You really are going to be blown away by all of our bursting and amazing flavors that we offer here at Cheesecakes to Ship. you were going to take one look at them and then take them and just be blown away. We promised that is how every person if you have never tried us is going to think. Also if you’ve never tried us we are going to give you a promotion code that is going to be 10% off your online order with us. That means you do not even have to be a local. We’re going to get that order shipped out where you might be located. We are also going to give you 10% because this is going to be an amazing discount for you.

If you go online, which I’m going to attach the website below, you will find out that if you register with this online, you are going to be able to receive a free birthday certificate that is going to include one slice of cheesecake. Guess that is going to be any cheesecake that you would like on your birthday. Why do we do this is because WE CARE we are that company that wants to make every employee happy.

That email is definitely going to be here is going to be your pathway to get everything you were going to get if you want to get a cheesecake as soon as possible. You would like to speak to a person who can always call our number at 541-220-0823. There is definitely going to be somebody there to be able to help you and get everything that you need answered, answered, and all of your concern pushed away.

Cheesecakes to Ship | call us today

We are always answering the phones here at Cheesecakes to Ship. Now that we have opened this, we have been so busy we have been in overdrive since we came out with us. This is something that we wanted to do for our customers because our customers have been asking and begging us for this because it is such an amazing offer that we can do we can to get our cheesecakes out to any and everybody all around this means we are not just local anymore. We can get them out and everybody did take some time doing the process, but the process was totally worth the wait because now we are able to make any and every customer happy.

It was a very difficult process to getCheesecakes to Ship at first, but now we have worked through that we have worked through this and we are making it right we just wanted to make sure the freshest cheesecake stayed right throughout the duration of its time wherever it was going towards to you we just wanted to make sure it tasted the same as best if it was just made that is just a standard that we wanted to hold as we transition into doing something like this. We just wanted to make sure our original flavor was not changed in anyway because if it was that is not what we wanted to do because that is not even us at that point we want to make sure we stay true to us in our flavor through out of all the years and all the things that we do to the company.

Do you have so many amazing flavors here at Cheesecakes to Ship? It is insane. We have a cheesecake to fit everybody’s needs or wants. We wanted to make sure that we did this because we did want to be universal and make sure that we could take care of each and every customer we do not these things at all because it also allows us to business, and if that if things that we can do for our customers and also stand out and be the best of what we do because that is what we strive to be the best here at this

for your order online, that is an amazing offer. We are offering to everybody, but it is not going to be for long so please if you were interested in getting a cheesecake with us you were going to need to use that now because that is going to be just like throwing free money away. It’s going to save you that 10% and that is going to be amazing on our website I am also going to leave a number that you can call anytime and please get some assistance over anything that you may need help with. We are going to be excited that we are getting to help you and work with you but that number is going to be 541-220-0823.